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Rosetta Stone Advanced


We always listen to our language learners. All your ideas, comments and feedback we read on Twitter, Facebook and our website, make us think how we can further improve your language-learning experience. Now here is one comment we increasingly hear: “I have finished the last level with Rosetta Stone, what comes next?”, or “I need to brush up my business vocabulary for an upcoming work trip, can you help?” Obviously we are happy to see how you work your way through to obtain conversational confidence with Rosetta Stone’s immersion approach, but there is always room for improvement.

With this in mind, we welcomed the language learning company Tell Me More into the Rosetta Stone family this year.  Soon after the Tell Me More experts in Paris and the Rosetta Stone product development team in San Francisco teamed up for several weeks, and the result  is our new Rosetta Stone Advanced Language Learning solution!

Do you want to refine your language skills and feel confident using your second language at work?  Are you preparing for a studying year at the Madrid university and need solid Spanish skills to pass the placement test?  Are you applying for a summer job in fashion in Milan, Italy’s city of style and glamour? Have you finished your engineering studies and want to impress with your German skills in your first job? Or are you simply planning to improve your French skills to work better with your clients in Paris? No matter if you are looking to refresh your language skills, or want to deepen your conversational confidence, Rosetta Stone Advanced Language Learning offers everything you need to succeed in your goal to speak fluently in your target language!

Rosetta Stone Advanced Language Learning promotes fluency by emphasising the functional aspect of the target language developing  your speaking, listening, reading, writing, and even sociocultural skills.

Each lesson begins with an activity – a text, recording, video, or dialogue – that sets the context. This is followed by a series of activities that deepens your understanding of the language on different levels. This way of progressing will help you assimilate, simply and without memorisation, the knowledge needed to communicate in the target language. Among other things, the lessons include activities that use speech recognition technology, which will enable you to hone your speaking skills and prepare you for real-life interactions.

Here are our 3 favourite features of Rosetta Stone Advanced:



1. Up to 40 different learning activities are presented in context with the new language content: These include expression or comprehension dialogues, mystery phrase, word order or crossword puzzle, text transformation, document writing or dictation exercises. Content relates to situations from professional and everyday life around family, hobbies, sports and more. Activities based on professional context prepare you to welcome clients, write documents, attend meetings etc. Up to 2000 hours of engaging content allow you to learn in your own pace, at your own schedule.

Expression Dialogue

2. A Resources section to complete the language learning and work independently on your areas of interest: Language and phonetic explanations deepen the understanding of grammar and vocabulary. Benefit from a complete glossary with a list of key words and expressions, along with recordings and translations for each word. Access the Atlas function with useful maps as well as files about the culture in the country where the language you are studying is spoken.

3. Immediate feedback on your pronunciation: No matter if word and sentence pronunciation, or expression and comprehension dialogue activities, the integrated speech recognition technology helps you to express yourself in a clear and well-structured way. You will learn to make your speech structured, articulate and cohesive to be ready for everyday situations, or in context of professional life.

But best of all, with Rosetta Stone Advanced Language Learning you will be able to push your language skills to the next level – this complete solution will bring you up to fluency (Level C1) in accordance with the European Language levels (CEFR).

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Katharina is PR Manager at Rosetta Stone Europe. She is from Austria and loves languages. She lived in Italy and is now based in London. She speaks German, English, Italian, Spanish and some French and is now immersing into Greek. Do you want to learn a language, too? Try a free Rosetta Stone demo.

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