Why I moved to Japan


Travelling is one of the things I love and enjoy the most. New experiences and a multicultural mixture always give me a marvellous feeling. My biggest dream as a child wasn’t to have a career or get married (although I did marry Yuki after studying Japanese with Rosetta Stone software). My passion was to know the world—to try new foods, learn new languages, smell new fragrances. It wasn’t a simple “I want to.” With time, it became “I must have!”

My youth was crazy and full of troubles. To my friends, I was always the fearless guy. More than fearless, I was the one seeking that missing spice in my life. Let me tell you guys how everything in my life changed in a big way.

One day, I woke up and decided to go to Japan. I’d been dreaming of that trip since I was little, but like many of you guys, I was a little afraid of the language barrier. I was thinking that the process of learning a new language was going to be impossible—especially learning Japanese, which I think has so many weird characters and strange grammar.

So, I researched the Internet like crazy and read every language-learning blog I could find. I was even thinking of giving up on the idea of learning Japanese—until I read about Rosetta Stone. At the beginning I didn’t know how good it was going to be, but I gave it a try!

I didn’t intend to impress anyone or speak elegantly. Instead, I was just looking to travel by myself in that mystical country and learn the most I could about its culture. I wanted to be able to talk with people—at least basic things at first—learn more about them, make new friends with whom I can learn new things, and have new experiences.

This planet is extremely exciting and has a lot to offer us. So why only stick to our main languages? It’s very interesting—the process of learning a new language and then travelling and using it in the real world, asking our brains to do new things and going outside our comfort zone.

I want to share here a real review, with my real photos and my own videos—for real people like you who maybe have some questions about the process of learning a new language. Maybe you are afraid or scared, thinking that language learning is a long process. But, that isn’t necessarily true! I learned basic Japanese in just two months with Rosetta Stone.

I remember that after one month of studying I was understanding little by little how everything works with my new language. My brain was finding new ways, new paths to mastering it. After the second month, I was able to speak Japanese really well (Rosetta Stone includes virtual classes you can join to speak with native speakers of Japanese)— at least well enough to know the basic things that will help me in my future travels!

One of my biggest doubts was how I was really going to learn the new grammar and all the new vocabulary. I had no knowledge of the Japanese language before—nothing! But the Rosetta Stone software is just amazing. You learn all these new words without even making an effort—through pictures and an intuitive program that is very easy to follow.

In my next post I will tell you about my experiences in Japan, introduce you to my wife, and share some of the amazing things I learned after overcoming my fear of learning a new language!

Don’t live a simple life anymore! It is time to become an explorer, a cultural chameleon. Time to learn a new language and then start travelling the world! Life has many things waiting for you to discover. Thanks, Rosetta Stone. My life has changed in a big way because of this amazing software. Thanks for your hard work developing it!

How to learn Japanese?

Do you want to learn Japanese, too? Try a free Rosetta Stone demo at rosettastone.co.uk/demo.


Daniel Tirado Lopez

I am a professional rock climber with 15 years of experience. Surfer and backpacker. I love and enjoy the nature. Yuki Sakamoto is a beautiful Japanese girl, who I brought from one of my trips, and with no doubt I married her. We currently live in Medellin, Colombia.

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