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Rosetta Stone® Advantage
for Business

An e-Learning solution for all proficiency levels in up to nine languages within the
Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite. Solution focuses on improving employees'
everyday and business language skills.

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Language Training Spans All Proficiency Levels

A flexible, end-to-end language-learning solution where learners can select their own learning paths as well as workshops focused on their unique interests.

  • Personalised learning paths based on learner's goals
  • More than 40 activity types engage learner throughout training
  • Grammar and cultural lessons
  • Speech-recognition technology provides learner immediate pronunciation feedback
  • Extensive content library explores every day situations, job-specific, and industry-specific topics

Lesson Help Allows Learners to Ask Questions While Progressing

  • Lesson Help motivates learners needing someone available to answer questions as they progress through the programme.
  • Learners are able to submit pedagogical questions in the program and receive answers from a tutor.


Mentoring Keeps Learners Engaged

Ensure learners have the additional resources and motivation needed to expedite language acquisition.

  • Mentoring motivates learners who need additional support and accountability to progress in their language training.
  • Dedicated mentor gives advice, recommendations, and answers pedagogical questions.
  • Mentors proactively call learners regularly to check-in and ensure they are making progress.

Live Tutoring Further Improves Oral Proficiency

Supplementary live conversation courses enable practice with a tutor and other learners.

  • Small group conversation classes
  • Tutors are certified teachers
  • Classes available 24/7
  • Additional fees apply

Phone Courses Supplement Language Training with 1:1 Conversational Tutoring

Helps learners gain confidence through live 1:1 conversation with a tutor.

  • Courses based on pedagogical materials
  • More than 700 topics for learners to choose from
  • Available 24/7
  • Additional fees apply


Assessments Measure Progress

Placement, progress, and achievement tests are built in across all levels, enabling more targeted learning throughout the programme.

  • Placement Test: Assesses language proficiency at the start
  • Progress Test: Evaluates learner progress at regular intervals
  • Achievement Test: Provides evaluation at training completion

Administrator Tools Maximise Value and Learning Outcomes

Robust reporting and management tools enable managers to maximise the return on language-learning investment.

  • Track usage and learner progress at individual employee, business unit, or group levels using real-time, dynamic reports
  • Manage learners and licenses

Mobile Apps Enable Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Provide additional access at learner's convenience.

  • Constantly available practice reinforces new vocabulary
  • Administrator Tools track learner progress
  • Available using iPhone®


Training, Implementation, and Support Services Ensure Success

Rosetta Stone provides the expertise, services, and resources to ensure successful deployment of your language-learning program. Our team partners with you to:

  • Incorporate your language-learning goals into effective implementation models
  • Plan, deploy, and promote the programme in your organisation
  • Prepare and motivate learners
  • Integrate Rosetta Stone products into your technical infrastructure

Available Languages

We offer Advantage for Business in up to 9 languages.

Available languages

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