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Customer Stories

More than 12.000 businesses and millions of learners worldwide have used Rosetta Stone® solutions to overcome language barriers. Read our customer stories to learn how leading companies use language training to their advantage.

Walgreens Boots Alliance

Walgreens Boots Alliance, the first pharmacy-led health and wellbeing enterprise worldwide, required a language-learning solution that would improve the English proficiency of their non-English native speakers and build language proficiency. Moreover, the organization wanted to reduce cultural barriers across the global workforce.

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"I believe mastering foreign languages is essential for successful business collaborations across countries and cultures, particularly for managers and directors."

-Roberta Guinzoni
Manager of the Assessment and Development Centre (ADC)
Walgreens Boots Alliance


Morrisons, one of the largest supermarket groups in the UK, was looking for a language-learning solution to increase employee engagement, strengthen business compliance and furthermore to enhance career opportunities of their many employees from abroad.

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"What’s really great to see is that these colleagues are stepping up and are now considered for new roles when previously, they’ve been hidden away on the shop floor."

-Richard Ward, Site Training Officer, Morrisons

User Testimonial: Financial Services Professional

German accountant and tax advisor Rico Christin shares his language journey to learn English using Rosetta Stone Advantage - and highlights the benefits of the programme's personal coaching features.

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"Coaching and telephone lessons were incredibly helpful in improving my oral communication skills and fluent speech. "

- Rico Christin, Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor learning English


With new offices opening around the world, TripAdvisor saw the importance of having employees speak the language of the country they were in, both to boost internal communication and to increase effectiveness between offices. In lieu of classroom instruction, the company needed a solution to accommodate employees' busy schedules that is available anywhere, anytime, and on almost any device.

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"After just two months of study with Rosetta Stone, learners saw a noticeable increase in their language proficiency, providing both business and personal value. "

- Krysta Orzel, Global Learning Specialist, TripAdvisor

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

KLM provides customers with innovative products and safe, efficient, and service-oriented operations. It pays specific attention to staff flexibility, mobility, participation, and health. The company, which flies to more than 250 destinations, encourages employees to expand their skills and knowledge through training to further develop a customer-centric culture.

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"Around 80% of our passengers are not Dutch and that's why languages are so important to our company. Moreover, their scheduling situation makes it very difficult for them to join regular face-to-face language sessions. "

- Jozien ten Zijthoff, Foreign Language Coordinator for Cabin Crew Management, KLM Inflight Services

Vi Living

Vi, formerly known as Classic Residence by Hyatt, sought a powerful training tool that would build foundational language skills for employees. Vi's mission is to enrich the lives of senior adult residents by providing a high-quality environment and enhanced service and care.

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"Rosetta Stone language training enables our employees to deliver on our service philosophy and customer-centric culture."

- Judy Whithcomb, SPHR, Vi's Vice President, Human Resources and Learning and Organisational Development

Interstate Hotels & Resorts

Interstate was challenged in finding a language-learning solution that could support employees and embrace diversity. One area of particular importance was improving guest relations by increasing communication between associates and guests through breaking down language barriers. Due to the global reach required for language training, Interstate implemented the Rosetta Stone Course solution.

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"Rosetta Stone has enabled Interstate to literally talk the talk with regard to one of our core values, ‘Embrace others' differences with respect. "

- Bruce Barishman, Director of Organizational Development and Learning Services


Gilbane wanted an effective language-learning solution to build communication skills between their employees and trade contractors on company job sites. With a company focus of safety in the workplace Gilbane needed safety personnel, superintendents, and other field professionals to better communicate safety procedures as well as to track and resolve safety incidents

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"Selecting Rosetta Stone was a natural extension of our Gilbane Cares philosophy. We see everyone on our sites as family, so being able to communicate in our trade contractors' native language means a deeper connection that goes beyond compliance. "

- Linda Hower Bates, Learning Technologist


Kimberly-Clark Corporation needed a language-learning solution to meet the business requirements of a rapidly growing, global business. The FMCG company sought a programme that could effectively build language skills to increase the global mobility of employees and enhance collaboration.

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"Our language-learning programme through using the Rosetta Stone solution provided tremendous value to our organisation, the employees and the bottom line. "

- DeShaun Wise, Senior Talent Management Consultant Kimberly Clark Corporation

Hitachi Data Systems

Hitachi Data Systems helps organisations transform raw data into valuable information by making it more accessible and simpler to manage. The wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Ltd. Japan needed a language training solution to improve global communications and employee retention.

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"In a highly decentralised global workforce like Hitachi Data Systems the need to communicate clearly across the world is paramount. Rosetta Stone helps us break down barriers and drive employee engagement. "

- Nick Hoew, Vice President of Learning and Collaboration Hitachi Data Systems

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