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No two of your employees are exactly alike; their language-learning experiences shouldn’t be either. Our unified language solution features tailored learning paths for every type of learner, driving the confident communication skills your employees need to improve global business performance.

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e-Learning Matches Employee Objectives and Proficiency

Rich audio and video content with engaging lessons and activities enables employees to learn at their own pace.

  • Beginning learners focus on fundamentals with emphasis on speaking right from the start
  • Intermediate and advanced English learners improve business communication skills
  • Advanced learners explore everyday language and job- and industry-specific topics

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Live Online Tutoring Develops Critical Speaking Confidence

Optional online tutoring provides conversation with native speakers.

  • Tutors pass language instructor training that validates their skills
  • Quick, easy sign-up saves busy employees time
  • One-on-one sessions align with employees’ individual goals
  • Small group sessions bring together learners at the same level
  • Employees schedule sessions that fit their calendar

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Learner Placement Leads to Tailored Language Instruction

Structured process leads to the most appropriate language-learning path tailored for each employee.

  • Automated placement in English with proficiency testing
  • Manual placement available in 24 languages
  • Focused learning develops skills employees need the most
  • Administrator accesses placement test report immediately

Mobile Apps Increase Retention of Skills and Vocabulary

Best-in-class mobile experience enables true learning—not just practice—anytime, anywhere.

  • Online and offline modes allow learning to continue on the go
  • Same experience from laptop to mobile
  • Bite-sized language training for busy professionals on the move
  • Enhanced graphics improve user experience

Speech Recognition Technology Ensures No Syllable is Left Behind

Ensures accurate language production and builds speaking confidence.

  • Patented technology compares employee’s speech to that of native speakers
  • Speaking and listening skills developed from the start
  • Available from all devices to accelerate oral fluency

Assessment Identifies Workforce’s Diverse Language-Learning Needs

Placing employees on the right learning path ensures training is productive from the start.

  • Determines where to start program in English and World Languages
  • Provides insight into what skills advanced learners need to improve
  • Offers highly reliable tests with rigorous validation process
  • Subsequent testing measures learning outcomes

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Integrated Reporting Tracks Language-Training Success

Smart dashboard simplicity puts powerful reporting at your administrator’s fingertip.

  • Actionable information ensures training stays aligned with business goals
  • Employee progress is easy to view, document, and analyze
  • Reporting measures performance across teams, geographies, and languages
  • Simplified license management helps to quickly reassign and onboard employees

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Training, Implementation, and Ongoing Support Scales to Your Needs

Experienced team helps administrators monitor employee progress against goals.

  • Proactive liaison throughout the training lifecycle
  • Robust onboarding support for administrators and learners
  • Templates and best practices so administrators don't have to re-invent the wheel

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