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Ensuring Expat Success =
Increased Profitability

Providing expats and their families with language and cultural training before their
assignment is critical. Each year 75% of assignments fail - also due to
communication barriers - resulting in financial losses.


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Protect Your Most Valued Investment

Over 60% of global mobility professionals indicate that a leading obstacle expats face is securing the knowledge of the local language, yet only 1/3 of employers offer language training.

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Breaking Down Language Barriers Upon Arrival

With 30 languages to choose from featuring business and everyday language, our solutions will enable your expats to succeed in both official business and informal environments, where so much of business negotiations abroad are crucially conducted.

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Online & Mobile Learning Means Maximised Results

Our online solutions enable you to offer a comprehensive programme requiring minimal administration efforts but maximised results as your employees can learn anytime, anywhere.

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Develop Expats' Cultural Intelligence

Are your expats prepared for the different cultures, structures and protocols they will face in their new assignment? Ensure they are equipped with the cultural training they need to be successful.

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Hit the Ground Running

Customisable, high-intensity programmes will get your expats up to speed quickly—no matter what skills level they begin with no matter what their language skills look like today.

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