Global language training reaches every employee.

Rosetta Stone online learning gives employee all the resources they need to learn English or a world language. So when the time comes they’ll be ready to speak for themselves, and about your business.

Wondering how it works? Try a lesson, on us

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Start fast.

Diving right in is the natural way to learn a language. When your employees use our Dynamic Immersion® method, every word they hear, speak, read, and write is in their new language.

“We’ve found Rosetta Stone to be an incredible, value-for-money, high-impact tool for learning.”

Head of Enterprise Quality Solutions, UCB

Practice speaking.

Time runs out fast in a traditional language class, and that limits learners’ speaking time. Our online TruAccent™ speech engine helps learners perfect what they say, the way they need to say it, anytime.

“Our employees now have access to content and learning that they can apply in their day-to-day work.”

Product Training Manager, Konica Minolta Academy

Keep talking.

Learners want to feel at ease when they go from language lessons to the real world. Live Tutoring with native speakers lets employees practice their conversation skills before using them on the job.

“Rosetta Stone has helped give our team members the confidence to provide our guests with the service they want and deserve.”

Executive VP & Head of HR, PPHE Hotel Group

Learn anywhere.

Employees are almost always on the go. Our mobile apps give learners access to lessons and activities whenever the time is right, letting employees turn any moment into a great learning experience.

“The key benefits of Rosetta Stone language learning are the ability to learn anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, and the language learning is customised to your speed.”

Director, HR CoC Global Learning, E.ON

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Out and about, our award-winning app speaks for itself.
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24 Languages
There’s one to match every employee’s goals.
Self-paced Immersion icon
Self-paced Immersion
Surrounded by one language is the fastest way to learn it.
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Engaging Content
Lessons keep pace with learners, not the other way around.
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TruAccent™ Speech Recognition
Employees can check their pronunciation anytime.
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Live Tutoring
Conversing with native speakers is a sure sign of success.
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Mobile App
Learning and practicing is just a swipe away.
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