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Learn how equipping your organisation with our language solutions helps employees gain critical language skills, increase communication and productivity, and drive business goals.

Advantage Product Review

The eLearning Journal, a German publication, tested the Rosetta Stone Advantage solution and awarded it with the grade 'Very Good'. Read the review to find out what makes our solution for advanced learners so special.

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Driving Global Readiness - A Road Map

New research shows that 90% of companies face communication problems caused by language skills gaps but only 1/3 will go to HR to get the problem solved. To help organisations be successful and create competitive advantage, HR must reveal the blind spots that block workforce global readiness.

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Infographic – The Language Tutor's New Face

Businesses want elearning: 90% of leaders see key benefits over other methods, the new study reveals.Commissioned by Rosetta Stone, research firm VansonBourne conducted a survey amongst 500 UK and Germany-based execs.

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Infographic – Multinational means multilingual

Commissioned by Rosetta Stone, research firm VansonBourne conducted a survey amongst 500 UK and Germany-based execs. 87% of executives state that their organisations rely on more than one critical language, yet 70% agree there is not enough training for staff.

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The Impact of Language Barriers

Forbes Insights surveyed senior executives at leading multinationals to learn how language abilities impact individual and organisational success. The results indicate that corporate leaders see multilingual employees and language-training programmes as critical ingredients to success in the global economy.

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Advantages for Companies

Why do leading companies invest in foreign language training programmes for their employees? A global consulting company surveyed nearly 500 senior and upper-management business professionals in a variety of functional roles to find out how language skills impact their business.

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Generation Y and workplace learning

Workplace learning has been transformed from textbook approaches to anytime, anywhere learning. This has the capability to engage an entire workforce and build critical, strategic skills across global organisations. Today's new generation of high-potential talents, applies for jobs only in the best companies and takes flexible online-learning solutions for granted.

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The Loyalty Effect: what it means

Across the globe, consumers seek choices—especially options that offer better customer service. Organisations that differentiate themselves from their competition by providing excellent customer service will be successful in gaining customers and customer loyalty.

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Infographic - Risk of Language Barriers

71% of respondents in a strategy + business survey stated that they plan on growing their business in markets and segments where a language is spoken other than the one they currently use for daily operations. View this new infographic to learn how language barriers can impact your business.

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Language Means Business

Communication is key to virtually every aspect of business—from acquiring and retaining customers to improving employee engagement and performance. In the era of globalisation, effective communication with customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and other stakeholders across the globe becomes essential to successfully running a company.

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Stronger People, Stronger Business

With employees being most likely the biggest investment and most valuable asset, what do the world's leading companies do differently to retain their best staff? Whilst workforce training is one of the key drivers for employee retention, recruiting new staff costs 150% of a position's annual salary.

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The Language of Safety

Could you leverage language skills for a safer workplace? Donavan Whyte, VP EMEA at language training provider Rosetta Stone explains why manufacturers with multi-national workforces are increasingly investing in language training to safeguard standards and avoid falling foul of regulation.

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Benefits of Multilingual Customer Service

Growing sales includes going where your customers are - which increasingly means in multicultural market segments at home and in different segments abroad. Being able to provide multilingual services can help to establish long-term succes and higher profitability.

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