Learn French with Rosetta Stone

Learning French can open up all sorts of opportunities, and can really enhance a visit abroad by conversing with the locals in their own language. Whether you're going to Paris or Montreal, enjoy the benefits of being a French speaker with a Rosetta Stone course.

Our courses help you learn through conversation and interaction rather than by simply remembering phrases – and there's no class to keep up with, so you can learn at your own pace.


Ideal for Beginners

Rosetta Stone® French

  • Interactive lessons introduce functional vocabulary and phrases
  • Unlimited access that never expires
  • Available as a CD-ROM or Download



  • Complete online access to all CD-ROM/Download lessons, features and benefits
  • Mobile Apps for tablets and smart phones. Plus interactive group and solo games
  • Live online tutoring with up to 4 sessions per month with tutors who are native speakers




Ideal for Intermediate/Advanced learners

Rosetta Stone® Advanced French

  • Continue your French journey with tailored French lessons and exercises
  • Easy installation on desktop computers (PC only)
  • Unlimited access for you and your family



  • Complete online access to all DVD-ROM lessons, features and benefits
  • Business and Everyday content automatically included with online subscription
  • Mobile Apps to study vocabulary on the go




Learn French on the go :

Take your pick from a range of FREE online language learning Apps:

  • Rosetta

    Use the Course® app with your
    subscription to move seamlessly
    from device to device. Learn your new language from anywhere you are.

  • Rosetta Stone
    Online Subscription

    Use the TOTALe Companion™ app with your iPhone® or iPod touch® to
    complement your TOTALe® lessons when you're on the go.  

  • Rosetta Stone
    Travel App

    Bonjour ! Heading to France or just want to practice your French? Start speaking now with our free Travel app and its built-in phrase book.

The Rosetta Stone difference.

Whether you're a beginner or want to improve your current knowledge of French, our courses are ideal for achieving your goals.

Rosetta Stone® French

If you are new to the language: Get a great foundation with Rosetta Stone French, our course for people new to the language. Learn to interact with people in everyday settings and useful vocabulary for holidays and travel – it won't take long to improve your confidence in speaking French.

  • Learn French at
    your own pace
  • Chat with tutors who
    are native speakers
  • Connect with
    other learners
  • Guaranteed

Rosetta Stone® French Advanced

If you already have some knowledge of your target language: Ideal for speaking French in a business setting or for deepening social interactions, Rosetta Stone Advanced French will give you a firm command of a variety of French language concepts. A customisable course means you can focus on the areas you want to learn.

  • Business Content
  • Aligned with CEFR
  • Placement &
    Achievement Tests
  • Tailored Content

Join the millions of learners worldwide who have successfully learnt a language with Rosetta Stone.