Learn Italian with Rosetta Stone

Italy is a land of great beauty and rich history, and learning to speak Italian will make any trip there one to remember. Learn to talk Italian in a variety of everyday situations with the easy-to-use, flexible learning course offered by Rosetta Stone – whether you're learning for business or pleasure, you can set your own goals and learn just how you choose to.


Ideal for Beginners

Rosetta Stone® italian

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  • Complete online access to all Rosetta Stone® features and benefits
  • Mobile Apps for tablets and smart phones. Plus interactive group and solo games on desktop
  • Monthly live online tutoring sessions with native speakers
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  • Interactive lessons introduce functional vocabulary and phrases
  • Unlimited access that never expires
  • Ready to install on your PC or Mac via download


Rosetta Stone®Advanced italian

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  • Comprehensive interactive online course plus access to a whole host of additional learning resources
  • Business and Everyday content automatically included with online subscription
  • Placement test helps to determine starting point