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Rosetta Stone® Advanced English
for Business

An e-Learning solution within the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite designed for intermediate to advanced English learners who need to improve
business-specific communications skills.

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Language Training That is Personalised and Immediately Applicable

Build the right language skills to directly impact your institution within weeks.

  • Personalised learning paths based on learners' goals
  • Available in American and British English
  • Language skills correlate directly to day-to-day work tasks
  • Industry-specific content builds relevant vocabulary
  • Proprietary speech recognition ensures learners accurately produce the language
  • Instant actionable feedback helps learners improve skills and speaking confidence
  • Placement tests and ongoing progress tests

Live Tutoring Provides Virtual Training with a Native Speaker

1:1 Live Tutoring provides personalised instruction tailored to the learners' individual goals and progress. Each session topic covers a business communication skill and business situation and provides intensive practice.

Reading Aloud Builds Oral Fluency

Improve oral fluency by utilising powerful speech recognition technology.

  • Learners read, listen to a native speaker read, or record themselves speaking extended passages
  • Reading Aloud gives learners immediate feedback on pace, accuracy, and more
  • Reading extended text aloud helps build automaticity (the ability to produce language naturally)

Extended Reading and Writing Activities Include Personalised Feedback

Learner submits his/her voice recording and expanded written text for review by English native tutor.

  • Motivates employees to reach their proficiency goals quickly and efficiently
  • Tutors provide personalized and individual feedback to learners

Mobile App Continues Learning Anywhere

In a taxi, hotel or in their home, learners can access language training anytime that is convenient for them.

  • Same experience from laptop to mobile
  • App contains full lessons, not just vocabulary cards
  • Downloadable content allows learners to work offline
  • Progress syncs to Administrator Tools

Administrator Tools Maximise Value and Learning Outcomes

Robust reporting and management tools enable programme managers to maximise learner outcomes and usage.

Training, Implementation, and Support Services Ensure Success

Rosetta Stone provides the expertise, services, and resources to ensure successful deployment of your language-learning programme. Our team partners with you to:

  • Incorporate your language-learning goals into effective implementation models
  • Plan, deploy, and promote the programme in your institution
  • Prepare and motivate learners
  • Integrate Rosetta Stone solutions into your technical infrastructure

Available Languages

We offer Foundations for Public Sector in up to 24 languages.

Available languages

Empower Employees

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