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Rosetta Stone® Foundations
for Public Sector

An e-Learning solution designed for beginner to intermediate learners in up to 24 languages within the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite. With our context-based, immersion methodology, learners build fundamental language skills.

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Language Training Focuses on Fundamentals

An immersive environment surrounds learners with a new language from the beginning.

  • Carefully sequenced lessons introduce vocabulary and grammar, building upon previously learned content
  • Emphasis on producing language
  • Immediate feedback on every response reinforces key concepts and correct learning
  • Speech recognition within all lessons and activities helps improve learners' pronunciation and speaking confidence

Games and Activities Reinforce Language Skills

Engaging games, activities, and community allow learners to practice listening, speaking and reading skills.

  • Build confidence, increase engagement, hone skills, and reinforce vocabulary learned in core language lessons
  • Individual and group modes allow live engagement with other learners
  • Live chat with a community of other language learners

Mobile Apps Enable Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Mobile apps give learners added access at their convenience.

  • On-the-go Language Training helps increase retention of skills and vocabulary
  • Mobile apps enable learning and practice using iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, and Android™ devices

Administrator Tools Maximise Value and Learning Outcomes

Robust reporting and management tools enable program managers to maximise the return on language-learning investment.

  • Track usage and progress for individual learners, units, or groups using real-time, dynamic reports
  • Manage learners and licenses

Training, Implementation, and Support Services Ensure Success

Rosetta Stone provides the expertise, services, and resources to ensure successful deployment of your language-learning programme. Our team partners with you to:

  • Incorporate your language-learning goals into effective implementation models
  • Plan, deploy, and promote the programme in your organisation
  • Prepare and motivate learners
  • Integrate Rosetta Stone products into your technical infrastructure

Live Tutoring Builds Confidence

Learners converse online with a native speaker — a key component in building speaking confidence.

  • Tutors leverage structured exercises and conversations to engage learners in their new language
  • Sessions focus on topics and vocabulary aligned with the learner's current proficiency level, reinforcing newly acquired skills
  • Small group size ensures active participation of all learners

Available Languages

We offer Foundations for Public Sector in up to 24 languages. 

Available languages

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