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Increase Community Engagement

Communication is critical for public sector employees
and emergency services that require the ability to immediately respond to citizens' needs.

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Build Trust and Relationships

Britain's society is amongst Europe's culturally and linguistically most diverse. This is why central government organisations, the Metropolitan Police Service and others have adopted a proactive language strategy.

Effective Cross-Border Collaboration

International mobility is on the rise with organisations like the United Nations and Doctors without Borders seeing their staff deployed to countries across the globe. Basic language skills can make a difference in helping your institution achieve its mission.

Enhance Integration and Social Cohesion

Language is the key for social integration and whilst funding streams have been cut, covering ESOL needs is now in the hands of local authorities, libraries and charitable organisations. Learn how technology can provide effective standalone learning.

Reduce Response Time whilst Streamlining Public Funds

Provide employees with the skills to respond quickly when necessary to communicate with the people they are serving. Teaching basic language skills can help provide a basic service on the spot as well as reduce costs for translations.

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