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Rosetta Stone® Advantage
for Schools

An e-Learning solution designed for intermediate to advanced students in up to nine languages within the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite. It integrates easily into any blended-learning model or curricula, with the ability to assess student achievement and progress.

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Language Training for More Advanced Levels

Our flexible language-learning solution complements classroom instruction.

  • Over 40 activity types engage students throughout the learning process
  • Speech-recognition technology provides students immediate pronunciation feedback
  • Access to Euronews and AP video lessons at the intermediate level containing real-live content

Grammar Activities Stimulate Learning

Exercises, explanations, and tools help perfect grammar and phonetic knowledge.

  • Text and multimedia illustrations enrich language learning
  • Conjugation tool with up to 2.300 verbs expands foundational knowledge
  • Instant access to translations and recordings of around 10.000 words per language

Assessments Measure Progress and Student Attainment

Placement, progress, and achievement tests are built in across all levels, enabling more targeted learning throughout the programme and helping you demonstrate progress from baseline.

  • Placement test: Assesses language proficiency at the start
  • Progress test: Evaluates learner progress at completion
  • Achievement test: Provides evaluation during the year

Cultural Lessons Enrich Language Learning

Lessons organised into relevant cultural topics to help students better understand and appreciate language and its culture.

  • Topics ranging from Cuisine, History, Entertainment to Economy

Administrator Tools Help Progress Assessment and Student Attainment

Robust capability for teachers to manage learning and maximise student performance.

  • Allows progress measurement of entire school, classes and individuals, and gives access to grading tools for assessment
  • Enables teachers to assign lessons and answer student-posed questions through an "in-product" messaging system
  • Manages users via various instructional groups or organisations

Mobile Apps Extend Learning Beyond the Classroom

Our mobile apps aid students using mobile technology, offering additional practice at home or during after school clubs while continuing to track progress along the way.

  • Constantly available practice reinforces new vocabulary
  • Available using iPhone® and iPod touch®
  • Administrator Tools track usage allowing progress to be quantified

Tailored Catalog Adapts Curricula to Your Needs

Let us adapt a content catalog to meet your school's specific language objectives.

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Training, Implementation, and Support Services Prepares You for Success

  • Effective deployment is as important as selecting the right partner for your language-learning programme. This is why we offer expertise, teacher support, services, and resources to ensure a successful implementation of language-learning programmes in your school.

Available Languages

We offer Advantage for Schools in up to nine languages.

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