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Foreign Language Programmes –
Allow All Students to Learn

With languages now being made compulsory in England's primary and secondary schools, many schools are faced with the challenge of increasing MFL provision with limited funding. Technology provides a feasible and often required solution: Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite combines e-Learning and proven methodology for easy integration into the school's MFL programme to extend MFL teaching to a larger number of students.

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Rosetta Stone® Foundations

An e-Learning solution designed for beginner to intermediate students in up to 30 languages. With our context-based, immersion methodology, students build confidence in fundamental language skills focused on speech production.

Rosetta Stone® Advantage

An e-Learning solution designed for intermediate to advanced students in up to nine languages. It integrates easily into any blended-learning model, can be aligned with curricula and has the ability to assess student achievement in real-time.

Rosetta Stone® Custom Solutions

Service to develop language programmes customised to the needs of a school group or consortia on national education level.

Rosetta Stone® Training, Implementation, and Support Services

Effective deployment is as important as choosing the right learning tool. This is why we offer expertise, teacher support, services, and resources to ensure a successful implementation of language-learning programmes in your school, local authority or learning trust.  

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Rosetta Stone® Languages

We offer up to 30 languages including Chinese (Mandarin), German, French and Spanish.

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