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Rosetta Stone® Foundations
for Schools

An e-Learning solution designed for beginner to intermediate students in up to 30 languages within the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite. With our context-based, immersion methodology, students build fundamental language skills quickly with a focus on pronunciation and speech production.

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Language Training Focuses on Fundamentals

The immersive environment surrounds students with new language

  • Carefully sequenced lessons introduce vocabulary and grammar, building upon previously learnt content
  • Emphasis on producing language
  • Builds all four core skills: Speaking, reading, writing, listening
  • Immediate feedback on every response reinforces key concepts and correct learning
  • Speech-recognition within all activities helps improve students' pronunciation and speaking confidence


Language Games and Activities Reinforce Language Skills

Engaging games and activities allow students to practise listening and reading skills. Developing language proficiency takes practice and frequent exposure.

  • Build confidence, increase engagement, and develop vocabulary learned in core lessons
  • Practice reading long story passages, leveled to
    student ability, with feedback via speech-recognition technology

Administrator Tools Track and Measure Students' Progress

Simple but powerful administrative tools make it easy for teachers to drill down on students' strengths and weaknesses and to measure progress:

  • Managing access, roles, and permissions
  • Periodical assessment of individual student, class, and school progress using real-time reports that can be automated
  • Accessing report details to identify quickly a student's strengths and weaknesses

Mobile Apps Allow Learning Anywhere, Anytime

Today's students are surrounded by digital and mobile technology. Our mobile apps provide teachers innovative ways to enrich students' language learning making it truly motivating.

  • Language Training that goes beyond the classroom
  • Mobile apps enable learning and practice using iPad®, iPhone®, iPod touch®, and Android™ devices


Teacher Guides and Workbooks Support In-Class Instruction

Teachers can access support materials designed by our curriculum designers for our most popular languages. These materials include:

  • Workbooks with engaging paper-based activities
  • Teacher's guides and quizzes

Training, Implementation, and Support Services Prepares You for Success

Effective deployment is as important as selecting the right learning solution. This is why we offer expertise, teacher support, services, and resources to ensure a successful implementation of language-learning programmes in your school.

Available Languages

We offer Foundations for Schools in up to 30 languages.

See our Available Languages

Seeing is Believing

Try our interactive demo and explore our award-winning language programme. Discover why your school can achieve higher student engagement and attainment with the support of digital learning solutions.

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