Move language learning online.

Rosetta Stone offers a unique approach that has students speaking from the start. Our online language learning method prepares students to speak for themselves, anywhere their new language takes them.

Try a lesson for yourself

Una bicicleta azul
Dos bicicletas azules
Dos bicicletas azules por un día por favor.

Learn naturally.

Every word your students hear, speak, and read is in their new language, beginning with the first lesson. Immersion is the natural way to learn a language, so when it's time to speak, students will be ready.

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Speak confidently.

Speaking a new language in the classroom isn’t easy at first. Mistakes can make students shy. Our TruAccent™ speech engine guides pronunciation until students feel confident speaking on their own.

“Rosetta Stone provides our students with the opportunity to study almost any language they want. That allows us to personalise language learning in a really powerful way.”

Faculty Leader, Harrogate Grammar School

Make conversation.

Live Tutoring sessions allow students to practice conversation at their proficiency level, with native-speaking certified coaches. That makes tutoring in our safe space another smart way to learn.

“The solution is very simple in its use, but very powerful at the same time. Students can access it quickly and learn fast . . .”

Head Teacher, Norlington School for Boys

Access anywhere.

Our mobile app lets your students log in to their language learning program and activities whenever the time is right. That way, they have the freedom to turn any moment into a teachable one.

"We use Rosetta Stone to support our teaching of ALL languages, because the students love the feeling of independence the programme offers."

- Assistant Headteacher, Belle Vue Girls

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Every resource you need is at your fingertips.
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24 Languages icon
24 Languages
English and world languages to match student goals.
Self-paced Immersion icon
Self-paced Immersion
Surrounding students with one language speeds up learning.
Games and Activities icon
Games and Activities
Students have fun while reinforcing lessons they’ve learned.
TruAccent™ Speech Recognition icon
TruAccent™ Speech Recognition
It’s the pronunciation helper any student can use.
Live Tutoring icon
Live Tutoring
Offered in a safe, online space at each student’s proficiency level.
Mobile App icon
Mobile App
Puts learning access in each student’s hand.
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