Rosetta Stone Catalyst personalises language learning.

Rosetta Stone Catalyst personalises language learning.

Employees get the most out of training when it matches how they learn best. Catalyst offers all of the language learning resources they will need to replace crossed signals with clear communication.

Go digital.

Catalyst online language learning standardises employee access to lessons and activities. So wherever they are in the world, you can rest assured that delivery of content and services will be consistent.

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Start anywhere.

Start anywhere.

When local language providers take different learning approaches, training costs rise and results are uneven. Catalyst delivers the same award-winning learning experience to employees anywhere, 24/7.

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Collaborate better.

Speaking with co-workers is essential, whether working side-by-side or on a global team. With Catalyst training, language obstacles come down, clarity replaces confusion, and work quality goes up.

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Every resource you need is at your fingertips.

Self-paced Immersion icon
Self-paced Immersion
Surrounded by one language is the fastest way to learn it.
TruAccent™ Speech Recognition icon
TruAccent™ Speech Recognition
Employees can check their pronunciation anytime.
Live Tutoring icon
Live Tutoring
Conversing with native speakers is a sure sign of success.
24 Languages icon
24 Languages
There’s one to match every employee’s goals.
Assessment icon
Finding out what employees know is the best place to start.
Personalised Placement icon
Personalised Placement
Matches goals with how fast learners want to reach them.
English, Spanish, and French proficiency tests icon
English, Spanish, and French proficiency tests
Use at the start and along the way to track progress.
Engaging Content icon
Engaging Content
Lessons keep pace with learners, not the other way around.
Mobile App icon
Mobile App
Learning and practicing is just a swipe away.
Reporting icon
Real-time learner performance reports help measure ROI.
Implementation Support icon
Implementation Support
Expert services help administrators get learners off to a strong start.
Training icon
Tailored to your organisation’s size and needs.

What type of learner are you?