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The More Than Words Podcast

If you’ve started learning a language or even thinking about doing so then More Than Words podcast is the one for you. In our first series we learned about the benefits other languages will bring you when embracing different cultures, meeting new people and exploring foreign countries. Now, we will provide you with all the guidance and answers to get you there quicker.

We’ll hear tips from polyglots, such as our host Alex Rawlings (fluent in 12 languages!), renowned linguists like returning special guest Susie Dent, professors, tutors and the UK’s favourite German comedian, Henning When.

Throughout the series we will discuss why each aspect of language learning is so important, covering topics such as accents and slang, and by the end of the series, you’ll be fully equipped with expert advice that will prepare you for real-world conversations

The Hosts

Alex Outhwaite is a TV Presenter and award nominated travel content creator with TV shows broadcast in 30 countries. Her shows often include less visited destinations such as Kashmir & Uzbekistan and some of her most popular videos have amassed over a million views each on YouTube. Alex started learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone around 2 years ago through the app in preparation for her travels throughout Central and South America.

Alex Rawlings is a citizen of the world. He was born and grew up in London, UK. As a child, he would spend long summers in Greece, visiting family and wondering why he couldn’t understand anyone. He quickly realised that if he could learn to speak other people’s languages, rather than waiting for them to speak English, life would be much more interesting. In 2012 he was named Britain’s most multilingual student  after being tested for fluency in 11 different languages. Now having studied more than 15 languages, Alex spends his time writing about languages, intercultural dialogue and multilingualism.

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