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Funding for Language Revitalisation Projects

Foundations, government agencies, and nonprofit organisations worldwide offer funding to groups working to preserve indigenous languages. Your organisation or community may be eligible for this funding.

Review the following sources to determine if you qualify for funding for a language revitalisation project that includes creating Rosetta Stone software in your language. Contact the Endangered Language Program to discuss your proposal to these or other language revitalisation funding sources.

Grotto Foundation

For revitalisation of Minnesota's indigenous communities' languages; typically US$10,000-50,000 for one year only.

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Administration for Native Americans

Distributes federal funding "to ensure the preservation and enhancement of Native American languages" through its Native Language Preservation and Maintenance Program, and its Esther Martinez funding program for establishing tribal language immersion schools still in development.

Canada Heritage

Various programs administered by the Canada Heritage among which are the Aboriginal Languages Initiative and the Canada/Territorial Cooperation Agreements for Aboriginal Languages.

Foundation Center

Users must pay to search the Foundation Center funding database, but may subscribe to free e-mail alerts about news in the non-profit world and access other excellent free resources.

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