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endangered languages

Together to Preserve Your Language

You select the team of language experts, teachers, and speakers from your community. Rosetta Stone provides the language teaching template, training, technology, recording and photography services, and project planning. Rosetta Stone turns your knowledge into the final user-ready software.

A Step-by-Step Process

  • Rosetta Stone works with your organisation to develop a project plan reflecting your values, strengths, and expectations.
  • Rosetta Stone trains your language team in the computer tools and translation methods for adapting the curriculum to your language and culture.
  • You select images for the software from your own archives, use local photographers, or take advantage of Rosetta Stone photographers to create language-learning contexts that reflect your language and society.
  • You record the audio with native speakers from your community, in your community, with Rosetta Stone audio engineers.
  • Along with your language-learning CD-ROMs, Rosetta Stone publishes your language curriculum and illustrated user's guide.


Your Rosetta Stone Program

Once the project is complete, you'll receive copies of your Rosetta Stone software that your organisation will own and can distribute as you see fit.

  • Language-learning CD-ROMs
  • Password-protected online Rosetta Stone software delivery
  • Rosetta Stone application CD-ROMs
  • Rosetta Stone User's Guides
  • Texts of the Course Content

Additional Option

  • Student Management System: This software provides structure and guidance for your language learners by enabling teachers to customise lesson plans and track student progress.

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