Speak the global language of manufacturing.

There are plenty of barriers that limit manufacturing firms from expanding into a new market—chief among them is the language barrier. Providing your entire organization with language training goes a long way toward a profitable expansion into new regions.

Make safety a priority.

Safety is on the mind of every manufacturing firm’s HR leader. While not all safety-related incidents are fatal, they are all expensive. One small misinterpretation of a safety protocol can lead to significant losses in just a single incident. Ensure you’re doing all you can to keep each employee safe. Equip them with flexible language training.

Reduce productivity barriers.

Language barriers across the modern warehouse can lead to loss of productivity and drops in quality when a multi-lingual workforce cannot communicate clearly. See the best work from everyone on the production line with language training.

Drive down retention costs.

Voluntary turnover costs the manufacturing industry millions of dollars each year. Add language training to your professional development programme to attract and retain the industry’s very best.
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