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A combination of computer based learning and personal tuition is the most efficient way to learn a language

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No translations - just your intuition
Learn quicker with words and pictures

Why Pictures?

  • Our brains love patterns and repetition
  • Crisp and emotive images get locked into our memories
  • Visual associations. Recreates the experience of learning your mother tongue
La niña
La pelota
"La niña tira la pelota"
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Smart pronunciation training
Pronounce every word you learn correctly, right from the start

How does it work?

  • Instant feedback from the most advanced speech recognition software on the market
  • Compares your accent to native speakers 100 times per second
  • Allows you to speak out every part of the word or phrase until you have it right
la tetera

Online Tutorials
Practise in real conversations with our native tutors

  • Weekly training with native tutors
  • Up to four sessions a month
  • Learn to speak with confidence

Games. Activities. Reading
Play and learn - with the whole world


20 Mio satisfied customers
Rosetta Stone Reviews


I feel satisfied with the Rosetta Stone program. The method is well supplied with a variety of possibilities for a good learning process . I enjoy learning with this method. Thank you

“Anyone trying Rosetta Stone for the first time will enjoy diving right in.”


Fantastic! I have really enjoyed learning Spanish with Rosettastone. The lessons have been easy to fit into my busy lifestyle and doing the on-line tutorials with other students and Simy our lovely tutor have really helped bring the whole experience to life. I have enjoyed playing the games and reading stories. A fantastic way of immersing yourself in the language - a great way to learn.


I'm learning Spanish with Rosettastone and I'm really enjoying the experience. I've always liked the idea of being able to speak another language and, since I regularly holiday in Spain, felt that Spanish would be ideal for me. Having had a pretty poor experience of being taught French when at school I had some initial reservations but am pleased to say that Rosettastone has been a great experience for me! I like the way in which it is presented, it's flexible for me to work around my busy work and social life and easy to review lessons which I feel the need to spend more time on. Additional exercises in reading and speaking on line with other learners and native speakers of the language is also great. I'd recommend this way of learning to anyone.


I am using the Greek course and am finding it absolutely brilliant! It is available on my iPad and so I can dip into it whenever I have a free moment. When there is soemthing that I don't understand, this makes me remember it when it becomes clear. The only thing I miss is haveing a dictionary to which to refer, when I cant remember a word


Great way to enhance different part of the language such as grammar, speech, reading and listening. Combination of theory and conversations. The teachers are very personal and adjusts to your skill levell. Also fun games, both interactive with others and individual. Their customer service is excellent, any problems is either solved or you get it credited. Always met or exceeded my expectations. Would definitely recommend it!


Recommended 100%. In 2 months I was able to hold a proper conversation in German. After 4 months I am able to speak without any limitations.


A good way to learn a language if you can't commit to proper face to face lessons. That said you need to be disciplined enough to use it. The mobile options a great too particularly if you aren't able to sit at a desk to do the lessons.

“Rosetta Stone TOTALe may be the next best thing to living in a country.”

Gladys J. Tobler

Thank you! Customer service appears to be quite good - when I had some questions they explained everything and were really helpful.


I think Rosetta Stone is an excellent learning tool, because it uses sight, writing, speaking, excecises and games, so every sense is challenged, and you don't get bored. By far the most challenging, and most useful are the online tutor groups, you learn and consolidate from the tutor and the other couple of students. Only area of improvement is the course takes an age to load each time. 9/10 from me overall, I'd be lost without it.


Excellent course! I'm in the process of learning Italian. This course teaches in the most natural way, without formally going into the rules of grammar, but by very cleverly introducing the elements of the language so that you learn by use, just as you would normally acquire a new language.

“I love Rosetta Stone's software, and I think the approach to learning languages works.”


Studio Sessions with Rosetta Stone are really helpful. Tutors are supportive and understanding. It is a great way to learn a new language and talking directly with a native speaker of the language is an added bonus. I'm really looking forward to continuing with the learn I Nguyen experience. Thank you.

20 years of using insights gained through experience.


How does the speech recognition tool work?

Rosetta Stone gets you speaking a new language with confidence. The speech recognition software makes you speak out every syllable of the words and phrases you learn. What’s more, it gives you instant feedback, displaying the words as you speak them and asking you to repeat the word or phrase if you don’t get it right first time.

Can I use Rosetta Stone on my smartphone and tablet?

Yes you can. Rosetta Stone online is available on a mobile app that you can download in the Google Play or Apple app stores. This allows you to use Rosetta Stone on your mobile phone or tablet. You can even download lessons in advance and then learn, on the go, without an internet connection.

Your online Rosetta Stone account is synced across all your devices, Desktop and Mobile.

How does the online tutor session work?

Every week you can take part in a live online tutor session (up to a maximum of 4 per month)

Live Tutoring allows you to practice your new language for real. These live sessions are 25 minutes and led by a Tutor who is a native speaker. Your Tutor knows exactly what progress you've made, and the session will take place entirely in your new language.

There are a maximum of 4 participants in a tutor session.

How can I learn a language without translations?

Rosetta Stone uses a methodology called immersive learning that works only with the language being learnt. It teaches you to associate words and sounds with pictures and situations, mimicking the experience of being in the country.

This is just like how you learnt your first words as a child. The immersive method gets you to think in the new language, gets you familiar with the sounds of the new langauge, and helps you to speak your new language with confidence.