1 in 5 learning a language from home

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While holiday plans are on ice, many have used the opportunity to make ‘virtual trips’ from home: communicating more with the rest of the world, learning languages and exploring different cultures. A recent survey in the UK showed that many people have been responding with a global mindset to the global pandemic.

  • 1 in 5 learning a new language from home during lockdown
  • 1 in 4 communicating with people abroad online during the lockdown
  • 1 in 4 feel closer to other nations because of the shared experience of the global pandemic
  • Travel journalist Alex Outhwaite has been actively ‘travelling from home’ during the lockdown (see below)
Join in and start a new language

The Rosetta Stone survey of over 2000 UK residents showed just how international the lockdown experience has become, with virtual communication across boarders increasing even as the physical boarders were closing. A lot of people have taken the opportunity to start a new language and 45% of the survey respondents said that the desire to meet new people was their prime motivation for learning.

Travel expert Alex Outhwaite has found that languages have helped her connect with people as she has traversed the globe, not least when she was navigating her way through Central and South America and her knowledge of Spanish proved invaluable. The ability to speak the local language came to her rescue on a daily basis, allowing her to make connections and forge real friendships. She answered some of our questions about what she has been doing while her travels have been put on hold….

Learning from home

How have you been dealing with life a casa?

I’ve been trying to stay as productive as possible and I make ‘to do lists’ so I can feel like I’ve achieved things during the week. A small silver lining is I’ve had more time to write and read than normal which I’ve enjoyed. 

Have you been learning Spanish from home during the lockdown?

 I’ve been learning Spanish using the Rosetta Stone app on my phone, even practicing a little each day gives me a sense of achievement and makes me miss travelling a little less. 

What have you been doing to stay in touch with, and explore the culture of Central and South America while at home?

 I’ve been re-editing some of my travel vlogs from South America and collaborating with other YouTubers to create content about the region from existing footage. I have a few friends in El Salvador and Ecuador and have been speaking to them throughout lockdown to hear how their countries are dealing with the pandemic and what the future holds for the tourism industry.

Where do you think you will go, once it’s safe to travel again?

Once it’s safe to travel, I’m really keen to visit El Salvador again, because I think it is really underrated. And I also want to visit Algeria because I’ve seen a lot of photography online

Where will you travel to when you next get the chance?

Do you have a destination in mind for when travel is possible again? Are you preparing for this? We’d love to hear how you’re staying in touch with the world and with your dreams during Lockdown. Drop a comment below or share your story on the Rosetta Stone Facebook newsfeed.

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