5 ways to make the most of solo business travel


It’s an age old adage: everyone would like to travel more with their work; except those who have to do so!

Far from the glamorous ideal of the jet-setting exec, business travel can often be a bit lonely and wearing. When the working day comes to an end and local staff head back to their family homes, the contractors and travelling business people stay late, conscious that only a table for one at the local eatery or the hotel TV awaits them.

How can Rosetta Stone help?

Language learning can be a wonderful excuse and motivation to interact with others, even when a long day has made you too tired to chit-chat in your native tongue. Rosetta Stone’s comprehensive learning method is something that fits seamlessly into the everyday routine on the go. We’ve put together a list of our top five ways those travelling for business can get more from their free time, with the language.

  1. Take the app to a local attraction

Sometimes you need a good excuse just to sit down and pass the time in a local bar or beauty spot. Take the Rosetta Stone app and do a few lessons, or read one of your favourite texts (‘Stories’) in a local park or square. It’s an engaging way to pass the time and it prepares you for the interactions you can have with the people around you.

What could be more perfect than learning the language right in the heart of the place where you want to use it?

  1. Take the app for a walk

With the feature called ‘Audio Guide’ you can listen to and revise the course content you have already covered – hands free. ‘Audio Guide’ replays key phrases and vocabulary to you and asks you to repeat the words out loud. A perfect activity to do while strolling through a park or round town.

  1. Take a Rosetta Stone Tutor Session!

Why not book a tutor session after work. An evening on your own is a great opportunity to take part and enjoy 25 minutes of conversation in your new language. Not only will it cheer you up, it will motivate you to do more self-study  with the app.

You can take part in a tutor session anywhere with an internet connection and a bit of quiet. You just need your laptop and some headphones.

  1. Chat with a fellow learner.

Chat online is for free and you can practise your new language with any of the learners you meet on Rosetta Stone. You might get to know them through a tutor session, or you might just bump into them in the chat-room, either way it’s a great way to learn and make friends around the world.

  1. Get out and talk to the locals!

The pressures of work can make business travellers a bit lazy. Often cocooned in safe, English speaking environments, the world outside the hotel walls can look a bit too challenging for a week night. Of course, almost always, it’s actually much richer the moment you take that step out the door. If you’re in a foreign land and know just a little of the language, every interaction can be a thrill. Just ordering dinner or asking directions an adventure.

The Rosetta Stone app will always be with you on these adventures. ‘Phrasebook’ can help you revise vocabulary just at the moment you need it; ‘Audio Guide’ allows you to revise your learnings, hands free, as you walk the streets; and ‘Stories’ gives you something to read and study as you sit in a bar or restaurant. All these resources are downloadable in advance, so you don’t even need a internet connection to roam with confidence.

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About the Author Simon Goodall

Language learner, teacher and contributing author to the Rosetta Stone magazine

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