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6 Reasons why language is good for your love life

Whether you’re looking to rekindle a long-term partnership, bring some stability to a fresh romance or still searching for that significant other, learning a foreign language is sure way to boost your success rate. Foreign languages are just plain good for romance. Here’s 6 reasons why:

♥ You sound more alluring

Tell someone you love them in a foreign language and it’s bound to sound that much sexier. Even picking up a new accent can help you, especially if you are improving your pronunciation in one of Europe’s most popular learning languages. A survey cited in the Independent suggested it’s still French, Italian and Spanish that are considered the most attractive accents.

♥ You are more attractive

The very act of learning and knowing a foreign language makes you more attractive to most people. So revealed a survey by Rosetta Stone and dating-site, OK Cupid, last year. They found that 73% of those aged 18 to 36 found someone who spoke a foreign language more attractive.

♥ You have more to talk about

Struggling to make your way through a one-on-one date? Need something new to talk about? A new language and culture is an endless source of interest and curiosity that you can share with your partner. Learn about the language and culture, then plan your next holiday together. Try the travel section of this magazine for some more ideas.

♥ You have a new opportunity to meet people

Language class is the place that many a romance has kicked off. And today these romances can start online too. Rosetta Stone Coaching Sessions are great places to meet people who are learning the same language as you, for practise, friendship and maybe more….

♥ You have a great reason to ask someone out

There are few better excuses for a one-on-one date than practising your language skills. Getting a Language exchange partner is an increasingly popular way to supplement a course and also a great way to form new friendships. Intimacy guaranteed.

♥ You can try our much-loved method for free

The Rosetta Stone approach to language learning is much-loved around the world, with five-star ratings in both the Apple and Google stores. The focus is on building your speaking confidence and conversational ability (date ready, you might say). Instead of translations, you learn the sights and sounds of the language, and how to pronounce phrases well.

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About the Author Simon Goodall

Language learner, teacher and contributing author to the Rosetta Stone magazine

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