7 ways to fit language learning into your daily routine

Language learning is a long – and enjoyable! – journey. To get the most from it and to keep going, you will need to build learning into your daily routines and find time slots that are convenient for you. Little parts of the day when you would appreciate a distraction or when you are in the best mood for learning.

If you’ve got your own ideas for when to learn, we’d love to hear them. Just post your tips in the comments box below

1. Breakfast review – 10 Minutes

Don’t wolf down your breakfast and rush out of the door! Take your time and do a bit of language learning in between mouthfuls. Open up the Rosetta Stone app and test yourself on the previous day’s learnings using the ‘Review’ part of your last lesson.

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2. Travelling to work – 15 Minutes

On the bus or in a train, if you have some ‘downtime’ in your daily commute, you can use it to learn with Rosetta Stone.  Slip on your headphones and tune out of the mayhem, the Rosetta Stone app is your safe space to relax and learn.

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3. Lunchtime story – 15 Minutes

Every unit in Rosetta Stone comes with a series of texts, articles or interviews that you can read and listen to. Why not dip into one of these Stories over lunch and use your new vocabulary to find out more about the culture around your language.

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4. Listen as you exercise – 15 Minutes

Double down on your productivity and learn as you get fit! With the Audio Companion from Rosetta Stone you can go hands-free, allowing you to revise your lessons as you jog, jump, lift or pedal…

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5. While brushing your teeth – 5 Minutes

Even brushing your teeth is an opportunity for learning. Ok, no one is suggesting you try pronunciation training as you do this, but why not pull up the ‘Phrasebook’ feature and practise some key interactions as you floss.

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6. Just before bedtime – 15 Minutes

It’s been said that we retain information best if we learn just before going to sleep. Why not give it a try and wind-down with a bit of language learning at the end of the day. Whatever fits best on your bedside table, you can access Rosetta Stone on all your devices: PC, Laptop, tablet or phone.

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7. Waiting and Queuing – ?? Minutes

It’s easy to get frustrated when you have wait longer than you expect or stand in a queue that doesn’t seem to move. Next time this is happening to you, why not whip out your phone and get learning. Immerse yourself in a bit of brain training and the time will fly past.

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Finding your perfect moment

It’s best to try a few different ideas and see which one them works best for you. Building new habits is not always easy and you need to find that moment in the day where it just ‘feels right’. The moment where you’re ready to relax, take your mind off other things and enjoy a little bit of mental gymnastics.

When do you do your learning?

Maybe you already have some great routines that you’d like to share with others? Tell us how and when you do your language learning in the comments box below.  We’d love to hear your ideas.

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