Add a new language to your CV

Good intentions go a long way when it comes to business communication. Whether you are trying to get a new job, win new clients, or get closer to existing business partners, starting to learn their language is going to help.

Here are some ways in which starting to learn a language can boost your career:

  • Show your commitment to a target employer
  • Communicate better with your clients and colleagues
  • Pick up a new project in an international firm

While it may take a long time before you can really do business in a new language, the appreciation and kudos you get with a few well-spoken greetings is easy to achieve. By starting to learn a new language you are showing commitment and willingness to stretch yourself and to communicate better.

Learning Polish for Tesla

Add a language to your CV1

Language learning shows your abilities and interests in a powerful light. It can also illustrate your good intentions towards a new employer.

Take Stephan, a Berlin-based engineer who dreams of working for Tesla. When he heard the company planned to open a new car factory nearby, he immediately booked himself on a course to learn Polish as much of the workforce is likely to be recruited from Poland.

“I realised that learning Polish would help me interact with the workforce and be a useful addition to my application for the position. Even though I am only doing a beginners course, it shows my commitment to working for Tesla and that I am willing to learn more in the future.”

Learning Mandarin to win over the team

Add a language to your CV2

Showing that you are willing to learn helps improve your existing business relationships as well. If the people you work with see your start to learn their language, they know you are going that extra mile.

When Nancy started leading a new project in Shanghai, she saw the value of learning Chinese, even in an English-speaking business environment.

“Learning the basics of Mandarin with Rosetta Stone helped me to build deeper relationships and establish close connections with my coworkers. They loved that I tried. It improved the cooperation in the project I was leading and brought me many other projects to lead”

Learning new languages to stand out in a global firm

Add a new language to your CV3

“Learning a new language is a key skill to pick up if you want to be put on an international project.”

Working for an international consulting company that has offices in 51 countries, Sabrina knew that improving her language skills would prove invaluable in picking up new projects. She used Rosetta Stone to help her build her linguistic portfolio and gain the confidence she needed to successfully communicate with new clients.

Which new language would look best on your CV?

If you are not sure which language would help your career most, then you might want to review the list of the world’s most powerful languages. Of course, the most important factor is your career situation and ambitions. With Rosetta Stone Unlimited you get access to all 24 of our taught languages, so you will be able to brush up some relevant phrases, whatever the opportunity that comes along.

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