Being gently productive during lockdown

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With all this extra time on our hands it’s tempting to set ambitious goals for ourselves. However, if a few weeks into lockdown you’re still not speaking your new language fluently, studying for hours every day or writing that book, then you shouldn’t panic. You’re in good company. Actress, blogger and Rosetta Stone regular, Nathalia Ramos, has been writing in our US magazine about her experiences during lockdown. How she’s come to expect less of herself and develop a steady, gently-paced approach to being productive during the lockdown….

The start of lockdown: So much opportunity!

At the start of lockdown, many people saw the opportunity in adversity; a chance to do all those things we’ve always meant to do, but just haven’t had the time for. Learn a new language, write a book, learn programming, we were going to do it all!

I started going through all the things that I always wanted to do, but never found the time to.”

A few weeks into lockdown: what was I thinking!

A week or two in we started to recognise that ‘home-alone’, or ‘home-with-kids’ may not be the most motivating environment or the easiest time to perform at our best. Our bucket-list bucket is still mostly full and we’re in danger of giving up. Our expectations and attitudes start to change.  

“How I thought I was going to learn 3 new languages, become a coder, start a book club, and still keep up with my pre-COVID work demands is beyond me.”

Now: Accepting that lockdown = slowdown

Finally, rather than despairing, we start to set more realistic goals and realise that our productive capacity has not changed that much just because we’re stuck at home. Curbing our expectations we start to achieve a more relaxed attitude to progressing without trying to accelerate through all our grand ambitions in one spurt.

“I knew this level of intensity was unsustainable, so I started to reorient myself towards what I now refer to as being gently productive. For me, that meant finding a better work/life balance, loosening up on my tendency to fill in every waking moment on my calendar and, rather, leaving time for spontaneity and the hidden surprises that naturally arise when we’re out and about living our lives. With just a few simple changes I have found that I am more present, happier and, ironically, no less “productive.”

Like so many of us Nathalie has come to realise that trying to be extremely productive when we’re stuck at home is not only very difficult, it is also missing out on the real opportunity of lockdown: to be easy on ourselves and take life a bit slower for a while

Keep Calm and Keep Learning (just 15 minutes a day)

Learning during lockdown1

Whether stuck at home or not, starting a new language is a struggle, and you should not expect too much of yourself in the early stages. That’s why all Rosetta Stone learning material is broken down into bite-sized chunks that you can complete in 10 to 15 minutes. Use the Your Plan feature to set realistic daily and weekly goals.



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