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Rosetta Stone’s ‘TruAccent’ speech recognition enables a unique way to learn a new language

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Rosetta Stone doesn’t have the only speech recognition technology, but we do have the best. Integrated into every part of the Rosetta Stone syllabus, our ‘TruAccent’ speech recognition constantly monitors how you speak, read and complete exercises. It’s what makes Rosetta Stone the no1 trainer for getting you to speak the language correctly.

TruAccent feeds back to you instantly, correcting mistakes and helping you to get the sound of the words you learn just right. Speaking it well from the start is a big help in terms of retention and motivation as well as perfecting your accent.

How TruAccent works

TruAccent is a speech recognition system that can track the sound of your voice when you speak into your computer or mobile device. The soundwave of your voice is compared to that of native speakers and the software can tell if you are annunciating all the syllables correctly and how you areSpeech recognition pronouncing the word as a whole.

The tool has been built into the very core of the Rosetta Stone system and many of the questions require spoken answers. As you say the words and phrases, the software either notes your success with a cheerful chime or asks you to try again.

Like a Karaoke machine

speech-recognition 8As you speak the words, they are highlighted in green on the screen in front of you. So you speak as the words scan, just like when you sing on a Karaoke machine. This is a very effective way of making you really read and speak every part of the word.

Reading aloud

Integrated into the ‘Stories’ feature, TruAccent actually corrects you as you read through texts.  Behaving just like a language learning parent, the software highlights words you didn’t quite say properly and asks you to review them and speak them again.

Just Right

Many traditional teaching methods try to get you to understand a wide variety of accents and imitate them. TruAccent is different. This patented engine gives you appropriate room for error without compromising correctness. What’s more, you can adjust the level of sensitivity, depending on your existing abilities, tuning this up as you get better and better.

How Rosetta Stone compares to the competition

Better Quality

Rosetta Stone’s TruAccent patented technology sits at the heart of our latest product offer. It is the tool around which all our learning content is delivered and it is fully integrated into every part of our immersive system. Early on, the pedagogy team at Rosetta Stone realised the potential of speech recognition technology. We invested heavily in developing a tool that samples hundreds of native accents, that is fast enough to give instant feedback and that is presented in a user-friendly format. TruAccent’s world-beating performance was the result and the technology was built into the core of the new Rosetta Stone online system.

Better integrated into the core lessonsSpeech recognition 3

TruAccent constantly feeds back to Rosetta Stone learners as they progress through the course, as they play the in-product games, as they read stories aloud and as they use the phrasebook. This is a marked contrast to many other language learning systems where the speech recognition system is added on as an afterthought. For example, a pronunciation exercise will be inserted into the middle of a lesson, but not part of every question asked – as with Rosetta Stone.

Lots of options and settings

In the speech settings you can choose the level of sensitivity you want to be corrected on. This is an important feature, as learners can become very frustrated if they are being overcorrected or not learn anything if the sensitivity is too low. For example, if you were and intermediate level French learner, you’d probably want the tool to be set to ‘Hard’ so that your pronunciation would be checked in detail. Whereas, if you were just starting with Arabic, you’d probably want an easy setting so that you could make progress and gain confidence.

Another nice variable for Rosetta Stone learners is the choice of male, female or child voices reading the example texts to you.

How TruAccent helps you learn and remember

TruAccent is about more than just training your pronunciation, it also a way of learning. Concentrating so rigorously on every part of the word or phrase as you speak it is a very robust way of remembering vocabulary.

In our own languages we are encouraged to read quickly. In an effort to maximise efficiency our eyes scan over the words and construct meaning from familiar patterns. This is very useful, but a debilitating habit when it comes to learning foreign languages well. With a new language you really have to read carefully and slowly. TruAccent makes you do this. Its Karaoke style interface is a gift to a beginner, or to someone who tends to not read carefully.

Reading every syllable of a word – out loud and slowly – really makes you concentrate, and it ensures that the words you learn are retained in your long-term memory.

But don’t take our word for it: Download the app now and try it for yourself Google Play or Apple Store


“The great thing about Rosetta Stone was being able to say the words and get confirmation that they sounded OK. This enabled me to build confidence and have a go at the more complicated words and build up my vocabulary. I keep repeating the course to ensure that I am not becoming sloppy with my pronunciation.” – Rosetta Stone leaner of French

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