‘Language as a necessity and a joy’

Listen Now as Alex Outhwaite talks about her home-life as a travel blogger. Hosts Kim and Phil, of the popular ‘World Nomads Podcast’, interviewed travel TV presenter Alex Outhwaite about her experience during lockdown, her language learning and her next travel ambitions. Get this seasoned traveller’s top tips on:

how to vlog from home

1. Cooking and Zoom

2. Loving and needing the language

3. Taking learning out of the classroom

4. Where next?

5. How to start travel vlogging

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Alex Outhwaite is a travel reporter, vlogger, tv host and long-time fan of Rosetta Stone. For a committed nomad, lockdown has been quite a change of pace. In the audio above she explains to the World Nomads Podcast what she has been doing during this unusual period of static living and what she plans to do next.

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How to explore other cultures from home


“I’ve been cooking a lot. Food is one of the ways that we can appreciate other cultures from anywhere we have access to ingredients and a kitchen. I’ve been recreating some dishes that I’ve had abroad, at home.”


“I’ve got a lot of friends in different countries and I’ve been speaking on a lot of Zoom calls with people abroad. I’ve been learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone because I have a lot of friends in South America, El Salvador and Honduras particularly.”

Making language learning part of your travel plans

The joy of learning as an adult

“We don’t learn as many new things as adults. When we are children we learn a lot, but as adults we are too busy and we tend not to educate ourselves to anything like the same extent. And I think there is a lot of joy to be had from learning a new skill.”

People love it when you try

“Everything that you see and everything that you hear is in the language that you’re learning. Which is the way it would be if you were travelling anyway. So it’s good practise for when we can travel again.”

It can really help you get by

“I had a trip to Ecuador last year just after I’d started learning. We’re fortunate enough as English speakers that when we go to other countries, people usually can speak our language. But I found myself in rural Ecuador where my Spanish suddenly became the only way that I could communicate. And if I hadn’t been practising just 10 minutes here and there, I wouldn’t have been able to get by.”

What  makes Rosetta Stone different

The Rosetta Stone difference

“The way that you learn the language in the classroom. I don’t think it worked for a lot of people. Rosetta Stone has stood the test of time because it’s a bit more practical. From the beginning, it teaches you about things that you might want to talk about. At school, I remember learning how to describe my bedroom in French. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t normally go around describing my bedroom to people.”

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Planning for post-lockdown adventures.

Which Language to learn next

“I’d like to learn Hindi as I work quite a lot in India and I have a lot of Indian friends. I only have a couple of phrases in Hindi at the moment and I certainly need to extend my portfolio of phrases the next time I go there. “

Where to go after the Lockdown

“Georgia has been rebranding itself as a top tourist destination and it is amongst the first countries to be easing the lockdown and associated travel restrictions.”

Top Tip on how to become a travel vlogger

How to starting vlogging

“Start local. Your home is exciting for other people. So start in your home town and build from there. You don’t need to have expensive equipment. I’ve filmed some vlogs for youtube that have been quite successful, just on my phone.”

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