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In this second video from Ali Abdaal we discover in depth about how this disciplined junior doctor organises his day. How he balances his medical studies, leisure and language learning.

We think he’s an inspiring role model whatever you’re learning, and it’s clear that he has been enjoying using his new Japanese language skills.

In this episode he further highlights what he likes about Rosetta Stone, with a focus on the pronunciation tool.

A shared love of intuitive learning

Ali is a natural advocate of Rosetta Stone. Like Rosetta Stone he uses the techniques of active recall and spaced repetition as the core of all his learning processes.

Just like Rosetta Stone, he divides all his learnings into bite sized chunks and makes sure that he varies his learning styles.

Ali is exceptionally time disciplined and is very mindful of how he uses different types of activity, including leisure activities to sustain him at maximum productivity.

Whether or not you aspire to these levels of uber-efficiency this video is packed full of useful tips for time management and a realistic approach to learning.

Fit Rosetta Stone into your busy schedule too

Try out the pronunciation tool and bite sized lessons for yourself with our demo of your favourite language.

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