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Get to know Russia

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To mark Russia 2018 we have released a special demo to introduce the Russian Language, with some key words and footballing terminology.

See how much Russian you can learn in 5 minutes and see if you can start to understand the Cyrillic alphabet. Learn the words for man, woman and goal! – amongst others.

It’s a great opportunity not only to take a glimpse at the Russian language, but also to get a taste of the unique way Rosetta Stone teaches different languages. Our picture-based approach is especially suitable for languages that are a little less familiar, and especially ones with different alphabets.

Learning Russian with Rosetta Stone is a way of directly associating the new characters and sounds with the things being described – without recourse to translation. This ensures that you learn the associations direct, without having to transcribe letters into the Roman alphabet and then translate them! It’s an essential step and one that you make, right from the start, with the Rosetta Stone method.

Try out the demo today and learn your first words of Russian!

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