How one man is changing many lives


Meet Mr Eichholz and discover how one man can make a big difference to the lives of many people around him. Mr Eichholz from Hamburg, Germany decided to help new refugee arrivals in his local community by teaching them some German. He  reached out to Rosetta Stone for help. Now – having seen how much success he had using our software – we’ve been inspired to launch our Buy One. Give One campaign this Refugee Week.

When he saw the urgent need that refugees arriving in his area had for German language skills and how eager they were to learn, it didn’t take the 70 year old Mr Eichholz long to act. Starting with just a few individuals in his living room, he grew the project, getting help from Rosetta Stone and moving his sessions into the local community centre. Now he teaches up to 15 people in his ‘master classes’. It’s a truly inspiring tale that touched all our hearts. Watch the video above and enjoy the story for yourself (in German with subtitles).

Buy One Give One this Refugee Week

Inspired by this story of helping refugees build a future through language learning, Rosetta Stone has decided to scale up this one-man initiative to make a bigger impact.Refugee Week1

Our ‘Buy One. Give One’ campaign will be running for the whole of this Refugee Week (June 17-23). Buy any Rosetta Stone course on our website, and we will donate one course to be distributed to refugees.*

“We don’t care where you come from, we care where you want to go and who you want to become. Speaking a new language can take you there”. – Paul Leibssle, Director of Europe, Rosetta Stone.

Buy One. Give One

Refugee week celebrates volunteer contributions

Like much of Europe, Germany has received a lot off new refugees in the last years and many of them are starting to settle in towns and cities all over the country. A big part of their integration process is of course around learning the German language, vital for their job and life prospects. Local communities have been playing their part and Mr Eichholz is not alone in offering his time and commitment to assisting refugees with their language learning. Lots of volunteers all over Germany have been helping out.

Getting the right resources for Refugees

Along with the need for human resources to help teach the language comes the requirement for learning materials. Rosetta Stone is delighted to be playing its part in meeting this need. The Rosetta Stone software has proved especially useful for some who don’t have any shared language of communication with the people teaching them (most German teachers will know some English, but few have Farsi or Arabic). The Rosetta Stone no-translations approach means that the language can be picked up through associations alone.

So, if you’ve been thinking about learning a new language with Rosetta Stone, this is a great week to do it. Not only is the course available at a great price, but your effort will go that much further as you simultaneously help out those language learners in greater need.

Buy One. Give One

*For each subscription sold on [] from June 17 to 23, 2019, we will donate one 6-month Rosetta Stone language subscription to [CounterPointArts Inc., an organization in the UK focused on inspiring social change and enhance inclusion & cultural integration of refugees & migrants], up to 1000 subscriptions.

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