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Last month we surveyed some of our customers and readers about their language learning and travel habits. Our Travel Survey 2018 was confirmation that many of you are really making language a part of your holidays and came with some inspiring quotes and stories from your experiences…

How you travel

Rosetta Stone Travellers are Independent Travellers

Nearly 70% of our Rosetta Stone respondents classed themselves as independent travellers: people who booked their own accommodation and made their own travel arrangements. About a third said the main reason for travelling was to learn about new places and cultures, while a little over 40% said ‘relax and have fun’.

Most of whom learn the language for some time in advance of their holidays

Travel Survey

Over 70% of our respondents tried to learn the language of their holiday destination and for 10% this was the main reason for taking their holiday.

Of these, well over 60% started learning or re-learning the language well before they travelled. (35% said several months in advance. 25% said a month or a few weeks beforehand)

It helps them relax and get more from their travels

68% of our respondents said that they had richer holidays when they learnt the language and a third said that it made them less anxious about their holidays when they knew some of the language.

In their own words….

“I am going to the Netherlands again this year. This time I’m trying Rosetta Stone to build on what I already know. I’m finding it’s teaching me to think differently and I’m constructing my own (simple) sentences with ease.” – Lorna, a young lawyer travelling to the Netherlands.

“I enjoy learning and using at least the basic phrases when going to a foreign country, but like to try and immerse myself further by learning what I can from the people and environment around me and using different tools  from phrase books to language courses.” – Emma, a Rosetta Stone customer who is planning to spend 2 weeks travelling in France with her family.

“I started learning Japanese with Rosetta Stone when my son moved to Tokyo. A few years later he married a lovely Japanese lady and they have a son – my first grandson. This Easter I went to Japan to visit and to see my 4 month old grandson for the first time. Thanks to Rosetta Stone I could begin to communicate with my daughter-in-law and her Japanese family. It also really helped when out and about to be able to read hiragana. I will keep learning so that I will be able to skype my Japanese family. Thank you Rosetta Stone x.” – Lynn, teacher.

“There was a free trial of the Rosetta Stone software that I used before going to Japan which was really great for picking up the sounds of the language and learning some basics before leaving. It was a much more fun and interesting holiday being able to have some conversations with locals and share stories with them than if I hadn’t been able to communicate at all.” – Jasmin, a young nurse who spent 2 weeks in Japan and studied the language for a few weeks before she went using Rosetta Stone and some other tools.

If you missed the survey, and want to share your pre-holiday learning plans, please tell us about them in the comments section below. We’d love to hear more!

*The Rosetta Stone Travel Survey was conducted with a sample group taken of mixed ages and gender taken from Rosetta Stone customers. There were a total of 64 respondents.

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