International Friendship Day! – Let’s celebrate together!


The 30th of July is International Friendship Day! Many great friendships have started with shared language learning. Many friendships would not be possible at all without a second language. Language is at the heart of bringing people together.

To help us celebrate, we’ve asked some of our learners and friends to share some thoughts and experiences about how they have met important people in their lives, through language learning….

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“Italian was the language that changed my life the most. When speaking with Italians, they can see how passionate I am about their language and this instantly creates a connection between us.

When I first moved to Rome, Simone (left) and Chiara (right) took me under their wing and introduced me to all their friends. I’ve never felt more welcomed into a group before. They became my family and there’s nothing more important than family in Italy.”

Michele Frolla from The Intrepid Guide is a travel and language blogger and author. She lives by the motto “The more we travel, the more we learn.”

“Language helps you to be braver! And it helps you to understand other people’s cultures better and to make friends and connect :). Yuliya is my number one support and friend when it comes to all things creative. She is from Ukraine, but her excellent language skills enable us to be really close”

Sandy is a German expat living an breathing London life, culture and language! A start up recruiter and by day and a social media influencer by night.

“Meeting new friends is one of my favourite things about travelling. Tyler and I met in Peru last year and he helped inspire me to start learning Spanish. When I went back to South America, my new skills allowed to me interact with people I wouldn’t previously have been able to talk to – and to make more friends. Thank you Tyler!”

Alex Outhwaite is a travel TV presenter and blogger. When she’s not globetrotting for her shows, she’s creating travel videos for YouTube.

“Being able to speak other languages (Chinese) has strengthened the relationship with my family members and new friends; creating more common interest, and opportunities to bond. There’s something very special about being able to speak in a new language as there are certain words and phrases that can’t be as easily translated into English!”

Shu is a travel, food and lifestyle vlogger on YouTube with the mission to eat around the world!

“Speaking other languages has opened doors to many new experiences and friendships around the world. In China, my ability to speak Mandarin meant I was able to actually communicate (something that many travelers can’t do in China!), and I developed a community of both locals and other expats during my time there.

This was my goodbye dinner after I had spent six months teaching English in China. I’ll never forget this crew and they’ll always hold a special place in my heart.”

Jeremy Scott Foster is a travel photographer, blogger, and professional adventurer. He has been traveling the world for 8 years. Find out more about his adventures on his blog, travelFREAK.

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