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Take Rosetta Stone with you on holiday and enjoy learning the language, in situ. Our app is so portable, and never a dull companion. Just download the resources you need in advance and have it to hand whenever you want to gem up or get curious about the language around you.

What a great way to use those spare moments on holiday, to make the most of being in a new culture and to make sure you are never bored.

Here’s some inspiring ideas for you.

“It’s very important to know some Spanish in Columbia because hardly anyone speaks English, even in hotels and restaurants.

This was especially true when we went to Nuqui, a very remote town on Pacific coast. There were no roads no internet, no cash machines. The only way you could get there was by plane. And there was really no one in the whole place speaking a word of English!

We couldn’t even use the internet to look things up. I was grateful that I had downloaded some of the Rosetta Stone lessons in advance.” – Susanne, learning in Columbia.


Language abroad

“I think it has given me the gift of perspective and determination. It’s empowering knowing that I am brave enough to put myself in uncomfortable situations, speak to strangers, potentially say the wrong things, but nonetheless be understood and get by.

I feel like I have been given a voice because of languages and I never let a lack of resources keep me from communicating. I use the words I do know to describe the words and concepts I don’t know.” – Ernestine, always learning as she travels

“Meeting new friends is one of my favourite things about travelling. Tyler and I met in Peru last year and he helped inspire me to start learning Spanish. When I went back to South America, my new skills allowed to me interact with people I wouldn’t previously have been able to talk to – and to make more friends. Thank you Tyler!” – Alex Outhwaite, travel TV presenter and blogger

The Rosetta Stone APP is ready to go.

Rosetta Stone app is available for free as part of our standard online package. Enroll today and get learning for your holidays, then take it with you when you go.

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