Why many people are quitting traditional language learning classes and going online


Online tutoring is becoming more and more popular, and not just amongst those too time-pressed to commit to evening class, but increasingly as a preferred alternative to offline language learning classes.

The language classroom can be a frustrating place. As you walk into your new class for the first time, you know that your happiness hangs on several factors that you cannot control: How good is your teacher, what are the other participants in your course like, what themes and topics are you going to be learning.

The Rosetta Stone team interviewed some learners in traditional language schools to find out about their ‘pain points’ and better define how Rosetta Stone could give them more choice and control over their learning. Here are five of their core concerns and our answers:

1. Choosing your teacher

The problem: “It doesn’t depend only on the school, it depends on the Teacher. I have been in the same school and had a very good teacher and then later one that I didn’t like”

The solution: When you opt for an online solution, you can choose who teaches you, what accreditation they have or which school they are associated with. Rosetta Stone tutors come pre-selected and trained to deliver our programme (read more about this). The method of teaching is pre-defined, closely monitored and delivered to very consistent standards. What’s more, our tutors are often rotated, so you will not always be stuck with the same person teaching you.

2. Choosing what you learn

The problem: “I’m getting a bit bored at the moment, we are going over things that I have already learnt. But they didn’t have a class starting at my level until next month”

The solution: As a Rosetta Stone learner you benefit from a combination of computer-taught lessons and native tutor sessions. When you log in for one of your weekly tutor sessions you know that your teacher will be covering the material in the Unit you have just been learning. You are in control. If you don’t want to learn about a topic or want to skip forward to a more advanced level, you can do this. – You will automatically be eligible for tutor sessions in that new Unit.

3. Choosing who you learn with

The problem: “You need to get lucky with your classmates. I have studied with people who have lived here and have good grades. But I have also studied with people who didn’t know much and needed a lot of time, so the pace was slow and the teacher had to talk a lot”

The Solution: Online, you have much more control over who you learn with. Rosetta Stone tutorial sessions are small. There are a maximum of 4 learners in each class, so you should always get a lot of attention. You will meet different people in your class every week and when you find one who is suitable, you can chat to them over the Rosetta Stone platform. With the Rosetta Stone global community available to you, you should have lots of opportunity to find the right people to learn and progress with.

4. Choose when you learn

The problem: “I’m starting a new job in March and it will involve a lot of travelling, so I won’t be able to come to class regularly anymore.”

The solution: Online learning has huge convenience advantages. Not only can you choose when you want to have your lesson, you don’t have to leave the house to do it. Indeed, you can take your class anywhere with wifi. This saves a lot of time!

5. Choosing one-on-one classes

The problem: “There are too many people in my class. I just get bored. Some of them a pretty slow and also I don’t get much chance to talk myself”

The solution: With Rosetta Stone there are never more than 4 students in a tutor session, but you also have the option to upgrade to one-on-one sessions and get really personal. This gives you even greater flexibility to choose your own session times and learning path – within a common framework of the Rosetta Stone syllabus. It also allows you to cover more material and to develop more open conversations with your tutor, if that is what you wish.

See what it feels like to get individual tuition from one of our native tutors. Here’s our Peter learning Spanish…

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Language learner, teacher and contributing author to the Rosetta Stone magazine

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