Holiday review: What I learnt this summer


Alexander Outhwaite has been doing a lot of travelling and learning this summer. In this video she looks back at all the good times and picks out her favourite ways to learn and to get into conversation while abroad. Watch the video to get her top 5 tips.

Language tourists have more fun

Combining the fun of travel with the enjoyment and fulfillment of language learning is a really great way to make the most of your leisure time. Alex knows how to do it well and she has been showing us some of her secrets for making sure that you get the right inputs and interactions when you’re abroad: Horse-riding, surfing, dancing and singing, watching the tele – all great for learning !

“Speaking other languages has allowed me to immerse myself in other cultures rather than just always scratching the surface. It’s also wonderful to learn a new language later in life, as it isn’t often as an adult that you learn a completely new skill.”

“There’s something about the Rosetta Stone that makes you want to continue learning”

Rosetta Stone is a name that I’ve known for a long time. They have a proven track record of helping people achieve their language goals. I’ve been doing the course for getting on a year and I’m really enjoying using the app. Best of all, I’ve actually stuck to it. I’ve tried to do Spanish courses at home before, but I’ve never seen it through. There’s something about the Rosetta Stone that makes you want to continue learning.

Try it for yourself!

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Language learner, teacher and contributing author to the Rosetta Stone magazine

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