How to be a great language tourist – And a better person!


For holidaymakers who want to do more than work on their tans, language learning offers guaranteed satisfaction. It might rain, the attraction you had your heart set on may be closed for refurbishment, you might have cockroaches in the bathroom! But the language-opportunity of a foreign holiday will never let you down.

5 ways to come back with more than just a tan

When you return to the office after the big vacation, your colleagues are going to want to know how you got along. Did you enjoy it, would you recommend the place, how was the food? Why not surprise them by answering the question in a foreign tongue. They’re as sure to be impressed as you are to feel smug; and justifiably – learning a language is an achievement. Here are five tips on how to do it well:

1. Stay curiouslanguage tourist 1

When abroad, there are opportunities for learning everywhere you go. When you see a sign on a train or walk past a monument with an inscription, have a go at understanding what the words mean. Real learning enthusiasts can’t walk past a road sign without getting out their smartphones and finding out what it means. If your travel buddy or family member is playing the game too it can be a uniquely entertaining way to get involved with what’s around you, find out more and get under the skin of the local culture.

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2. Talk to people

It’s all too easy to wander through your holidays in a bubble, interacting only with fellow tourists or the hotel staff. This is not the way to get the most out of an area, but fear of the foreign tongue can prevent us approaching local people.

A few words of the language under our belt and this all changes: instead of fearing an interaction with a stranger we are eager to start conversations and practise what we know. In return, we can receive smiles, ideas, information and stories. Seek out places to go and practise your language and create opportunities for understandable and enjoyable conversations!

3. Be prepared

For best results, you should ideally get into your new language at least a few weeks in advance. The experience will be much more rewarding if you can devote just a little bit of time to the process. 15 minutes a day with Rosetta Stone’s intuitive learning software is enough to get the hang of some conversational openers and achieve basic understanding. The early lessons will help you find your way around and have basic interactions with shop or hotel staff.

4. Benefit from Rosetta Stone’s immersive approach

If you do want to enrich your travels with a new language, then Rosetta Stone is here to help. The Rosetta Stone approach is unique because it operates without translations. You learn by associating the words and sounds with pictures direct. The focus is on pronunciation and ensuring your speaking skills are up to scratch. So, when you get to your holiday destination, the vocabulary you need will be right on the tip of your tongue, ready to be put into effective use. Already able to speak the basics with confidence, you will be able to continue your immersive learning, taking part in conversations and learning from the locals.

5. Learn your first words today with our free demo:

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