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Studies have shown that changing up your learning environment can strengthen your ability to recall what you learned and may help you navigate new situations by reducing context-dependency

One trick to help you get started? Downloadable lessons. 

Simply open the app, select the unit you want to study and click “use offline” in the lower right-hand corner. 

To download lessons, open a unit and tap the "use offline: button in the right-hand corner of the screen.
How to download lessons

You can also download Stories and Audio Companion in advance. 

Let’s learn outside this summer!

You can use this tool to get outside for a lesson under the sun. A hammock by the pool, anyone?

Traveling this summer? Practicing on the plane is a no-brainer. Since you can download lessons in advance, you’ll be able to learn French at any altitude without forking over money for the in-flight Wi-Fi. And knowing the value of 10-minute lessons, you might as well sneak in some practice while waiting in line at the TSA. 

If you’re really struggling to get started, use boredom in your favor. Think of the underground. The laundry. The waiting room at the doctor’s. You can save yourself some boredom (and your phone some data) by spending time with your new language. You can even turn it into a competition: Try to make it to the next level before the spin cycle kicks in or your name is called.

When you find a good spot to practice, don’t forget to use #RosettaSessions. You can also use the hashtag on social for some inspo. 

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