Learning Arabic Phrases in Egypt



….and welcome to the learning adventure of Michele, travel vlogger and linguist.

Last year we recruited language-learning traveller, Michele, of the intrepid guide, to try out Rosetta Stone as she prepared for her big Autumn trip to Egypt. We gave her full access to our online learning programme, Arabic phrasebook and online tutors for two months before she flew. By way to return, she recorded this inspiring video about her language-learning holiday and the places and people she saw.

Learn the language for your holiday too

Make like Michele, and get more from your holiday this year. Even if you just get the basics, having a handle on the language will give you so much more fun, insights and fulfilment. Every meeting becomes an opportunity for practise, every street sign a point of curiosity. When you learn the language before you fly, you don’t just see a new country, you live it!

Rosetta Stone makes the perfect introduction to a new language. It quickly gets you familiar with sights and sounds of that language and gives you the basic phrases and understanding you need to explore.

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About Egyptian Arabic

Egypt has been the dominant force in Arabia, with the biggest population, economy and cultural output. Much of the television watched all over Arabia was produced in Egypt. Egyptian Arabic is one of three major spoken forms of the language in the Arab world. Its written form is Modern Standard Arabic, the official phrases of which you learn with Rosetta Stone. More about Arabic…

More about Michele

Michele is a passionate traveller and linguist who has been recording her adventures under the name of ‘the intrepid guide’. Language learning is an important part of who she is, what brought her from her birth-country of Australia, and what inspires her to a relentless thirst for further travel. Find out more…

More about Rosetta Stone on holiday

Rosetta Stone is the perfect travel companion. The app allows you to take the whole learning programme on holiday with you. You don’t even need internet as you download the courses in advance. The latest version is designed for your holiday convenience with a hands-free audio trainer and a phrasebook that allows you to quickly cross-reference the vocabulary you’ve learnt at the moment you need it.

About the Author Michele

Austrailian born language learner and travel enthusiast, Michele is always learning and travelling and writing or vlogging about it. www.theintrepidguide.com

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UK Moti says 12th April 2018

To whom it may concern,

I am a Rosetta stone user. I managed to convince few friends to

buy your programme, because I know by personal ex[peroence that

it works.

But I would like to point out that Michele’s pronunciation is too

perfect, to natural in few words…she sounds like a native arabic speaking

person. She has for sure something related to her family ties with arabic

roots. For the sake of your knowledge….I lived in the Middle East few years

and I do speak arabic since 1977 and no way that I can sound like she does.

So for the correct approch to your method DO NOT CHEAT, let people to

be able to learn without dreaming to much. Thank you

    Rosetta Stone says 15th May 2018

    Hi there! Happy to hear you enjoy learning with Rosetta Stone. Thanks for your comment. Language learning works a bit different for everyone and Michele really had no experience with speaking Arabic. She does speak several other languages but this one was a real challenge for her. She is from Australia and now lives in the UK. In her first video at 1:50 she also explains herself how learning Arabic is a challenge since it’s very different from the languages she already speaks. She made quite a few efforts to learn the language with us and also practiced in Egyptian restaurants in London and then went to Egypt for the first time to put her skills to the test. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_H8Hoj-kgc

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