A day’s Christmas shopping in Paris! – Video diary


Shopping in a foreign country is a great way to practise your language skills! Vlogger and shopping enthusiast, Sandy jumped on the Eurostar and headed to Paris for a full day of French practise in cafes, restaurants and shops! See how she got on.

Learning French in with Rosetta Stone

Learning French in Paris

Sandy decided to start re-learning French in November. Having learnt the language at school, but largely neglected it since, she turned to Rosetta Stone to help rejuvenate her French skills and get her ready for a big day out shopping in Paris.

“It was amazing to see how quickly I was progressing and how much I actually remembered from school. Something I really love about using Rosetta Stone, is the pictures. It’s so intuitive and really helps you connect vocabulary in the easiest way possible.”

“I mainly used the Rosetta Stone app on my phone – but you can also access the course on your laptop or tablet. You can even book sessions with a live tutor online – pretty cool! The app was super helpful for me because you plug your headphones in and use it whilst you’re in a cafe, on the tube or bus without having to say the words out loud 🙂”

“Learning a foreign language always means – adventure awaits! Whether this is in relation to the people you meet whilst you’re learning it, or the opportunities that present themselves as soon as you’re brave enough to speak it, try it, make mistakes and try again.”

Learning French in Paris

Learning French in Paris 3

Sandy took the Rosetta Stone app to Paris with her. You can download the content you need on the app before you travel so that you can keep learning or to look up phrases as you need them.

Learning French in Paris 2

“Bonjour! I was nervous! I had made a rough plan about things I wanted to do and people I wanted to speak to. First stop – order a coffee! It was 8:30am in the morning after all. “… Un … Une cafe .. avec lait… uhm .. je peux payer par card? …”

“Oui, bien sur!” Phew, I ordered a coffee and asked if I could pay with my card and it all worked out perfectly! I felt more confident straight away.

It’s a little bit like vlogging in public. Before I start, it’s always scary! But as soon as I get going, confidence arrives 🙂 Yay!

From there I went shopping, encountered a few new conversations that I managed, more or less, and at the end of the day found myself the happiest I’d been in a while. Accomplished and mentally stimulated I arrived back at the Gare du Nord and am now hoping I can share my, now even bigger, passion for learning a new language with you!”

Get started with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the perfect tool for starting or revising your French knowledge and especially for mastering your French pronunciation skills. With the best pronunciation trainer on the market and weekly training sessions with French tutors, you’ll be in good hands.

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“You might wonder if Rosetta Stone is the right choice for you – I’ve been learning on the tube, on the bus and in cafe’s whilst surrounded by other people. I can honestly say that it was the most convenient way to learn a new language, especially for someone like me with a busy London lifestyle :-)”


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