10 essential Mandarin travel phrases


Our resident vlogger, Shu has been making a lot of progress with her Chinese learning. So much so that she has turned teacher on us! In her latest video she shares some key phrases that you need to get around in China.

Shu is an English born vlogger who has been using Rosetta Stone to help her learn the language of her heritage – Mandarin. With the help of Rosetta Stone she has been improving over the last months and documenting the process as she goes.

Watch the video above to learn some essential phrases that you might need to travel in China. Phrases such as:

Good moring. Thank you. How much is this? I can’t eat meat, I can’t eat dairy, I can’t eat gluten. Do you have a vegetarian menu? Do you speak English? Yes / No. Good / Bad. Where is the bathroom? Where is the airport? Go left / right / straight ahead.

Why learn Mandarin

Mandarin is fast becoming the most important language for English speakers to learn. It is already the language with the highest number of native speakers and it is set to become ever more important for business purposes.

Why learn Mandarin with Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is a well-loved method for learning less familiar languages. The no-translation approach works especially well when the language is so different. With Chinese you can learn the sounds of the language and what they mean, before you have to tackle the alphabet and directly translate meanings.

Try it for yourself

“Not only has learning Mandarin Chinese potentially helped with my future travels in China (where I’ll hopefully be able to order a wholesome meal without a series of questionable hand gestures), but it’s also taught me a life lesson on what it means to be Chinese.”

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