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Say hello to the Rosetta Stone Tutors! Native speakers from all around the world, who are online every week, ready to help you learn and speak with confidence. Mostly working from home, the tutors are available at lots of different times of the day, so that they can offer learning sessions to suit your schedule.

As a Rosetta Stone online learner, you can access a 25-minute tutor session every single week. Here you will learn in groups of no more than 4 students, revising what you have learnt in your self-study.

Meet some of our tutors….

Aleksandra Reinhardt. Polish

“Polish can sound really complicated. Some people say it sounds like rustling, and Polish is known as an extremely rich language phonetically. Polish pronunciation generally places stress on the next-to-last syllable of the word.”

Aleksandra lives in Washington DC area with her three young kids and a husband. She loves to hike and bike and read a good book. She loves the flexibility that working from home gives her. Every summer she takes her family back to Poland to visit family and friends.



Shuixian Ramsay. Chinese

“Chinese has four tones. It has a very sharp and unique sound to every character. Many people think we are angry at each other or we are arguing when we talk. But it sounds very smooth and pretty when we sing in Chinese.”

Shuixian is originally from China but now lives in Granbury, Texas with her husband and two boys. “I’ve been living in the US since 2009. I like playing volleyball and listening to music. I also love traveling”.

Rita Queiroz-Young. Portuguese (Brazilian)

“There’s a difference in pronunciation and vocabulary among the countries that speak Portuguese and, even in Brazil, the accent differs a lot regionally.  So there’s a lot to learn!”

Rita is from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Married mother of two, when she manages to find some leisure time she likes to go hiking, watch movies and enjoy the company of her family and friends. “I’ve been a Portuguese teacher for more than 25 years and I simply love it!”



Marcus Nicokiris. English (American)

“I enjoy having genuinely interesting conversations with people from around the world. I always learn a new detail about the country my learner is in, and after several years, I’ve had learners from more countries than I can count. Sometimes the best sessions are the ones where you forget that you’re teaching.”

Marcus has been teaching with Rosetta Stone for 6 years and says he loves the flexibility of the work and the way it helps him learn about different cultures.

Simy Jelaso. Spanish (Spain)

“Understanding what Spanish speakers say can be a big problem as they are often speaking fast. Learning the “tildes” can also be challenging, with many different rules to take into account about where to write the accentuation in a word.”

Simy is originally from Madrid; Spain and has been working with Rosetta Stone for 8 years. In her leisure time she loves to travel and has visited over 72 countries!


Davide Sonzogni. Italian

“In 2011, I taught my very second session to a kind elderly lady from Finland. Fast forward 6.5 years, and I continue to teach her at times, but now she shows up in my advanced sessions!  I have witnessed how she has become increasingly fluent in Italian, and listened to her speak about her trips around the world and how learning a new language has given her the opportunity to delve into an entirely new culture.”

Davide has been teaching with Rosetta Stone for over 6 years and says that he gets most fulfillment from encouraging his students to exchange ideas and learn about his Italian culture.


Martina Moores. German

“Thanks to its widespread use around the world and dialect-diversity within Germany itself, there is really a huge variety of sounds within the language, from melodic to guttural. German is the official language in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and is also spoken in parts of Switzerland, Italy, Poland and Luxemburg. Within Germany itself, accents sound a bit harsher in the North and smoother towards the South. “

Martina has been teaching for over 5 years and says she enjoys teaching people from all over the world. Find out what it’s like to take a lesson with Martina

Frederique Browning. French

“I love to see the progress made by learners, noticing that they remember the vocabulary and they can have a conversation. I also love trying to make the learners laugh.”

Frederique has been teaching with Rosetta Stone for 4 years and says she loves the chance to meet new people as well as build relationships with learners over time.

Aliona Dameron. Senior Manager of live tutoring

“It’s better to use the little you know, than to learn a lot and be too scared to use it.”

Aliona Dameron works at Rosetta Stone Head Quarters, Washington DC as Senior Manager of the live tutoring department. Read a full interview with Aliona Dameron where she talks in detail about how her live tutoring function works.

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