Netflix Star on Portuguese; Episode 3


Netflix star Benjamin Papac has been learning Portuguese with Rosetta Stone. In this third update he attempts a real life conversation with his Portuguese flatmate. And does pretty well too, though she is on hand with some timely corrections! – check out how they  got along in the video above.

Instant Feedback

When you’re practising speaking a new language, it’s great to get some instant feedback on how you are doing. If you are saying the right words, in the right order, and if you are pronouncing the words correctly.

Fantastic when you are lucky enough to have a friendly native speaker for a flatmate! However, for many this kind of learning support is harder to come by.

Try and find someone who can support you on a regular basis. This will be a tremendous boost to your learning and motivation. Language exchange meetings are great way to do this: where you offer your own native language in exchange for theirs.

Live support from Rosetta Stone

For those without the time or opportunity to find someone who can support them in their learning, Rosetta Stone offers some fantastic alternatives.

Industry Leading Pronunciation Software – The speech recognition tool is written into every part of the Rosetta Stone experience, giving instant feedback and correction as you step through the lessons as well as the additional learning materials in Stories and Phrasebook.

Live Tutor Sessions – For a small additional fee you can book support sessions from our live native tutors. Either personal one-to-one sessions or in a small group of others learners at the same level.

If you want to make like Ben and get multilingual, try out Rosetta Stone’s unique approach for yourself today.

Try it for yourself!

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