Netflix Star tries Rosetta Stone Portuguese


Netflix star Benjamin Papac has been learning Portuguese with Rosetta Stone. He has been keeping track of his progress and giving his own take on how Rosetta Stone works and his loves and frustrations with his new second language.


In this clip, he starts off looking at ‘Stories’, Rosetta Stone’s feature that helps you to perfect your reading aloud skills. – He seems to have been making good progress, and shows off with one of the stories about Cats.

Stories are guided reading exercises that read aloud to you, highlighting the words as you speak them, and then correct you as you read the stories back.


One of the harder languages to pronounce, Portuguese has some funny vowel sounds. He talks us through them, as well as explaining some of his first ‘pain points’ with the language (the words for plate, cup and bowl).

If you want to make like Ben and get multilingual, try out Rosetta Stone’s unique approach for yourself today.

Try it for yourself!

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