• Excel with just 25 minutes focused tuition a week
  • Learn from anywhere you have an internet connection: Hotel. Home. Office
  • Enjoy speaking the language with a native tutor every single week
  • Stay motivated and focused

Tutor sessions are on offer every single week to help you get the most from your Rosetta Stone learning and to keep you on the right track. They will help you to speak with confidence, enjoy the language and stay motivated. Together with our world-famous software, tutor sessions deliver a comprehensive package of language learning that can progress you very quickly and efficiently. 

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Ordering a coffee in your new language

How tutors help you speak your new language with confidence

Rosetta Stone tutors are trained to encourage you to talk and express yourself, whatever your level. They work with learners right from the beginning of their studies making sure that they are learning to communicate, not just to read or listen. They offer corrections, feedback and – most of all – the opportunity to really use your new language. 

“The on-line tutorials, a little scary at first, are now something I look forward to and whether you end up on your own with a tutor or in a small group, the experience is fun and positive and a definite confidence builder.”

How to access Tutor Sessions

Rosetta Stone Premium offers you one 25 minute Tutor Session every single week of your membership. You choose your level (based on the Unit you are learning in self-study) and then book a session at that level at a time that suits you (there are several to choose from every week at every level). 

Get Premium Membership

If you are an existing non-premium member, you can also pay for tutor sessions one at a time, if you go to the ‘My Account’ section of your Rosetta Stone online account (note: tutoring is not available through the App currently).

How Tutors work with the Rosetta Stone lessons

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Revising what you have learnt

Tutors structure their classes using extracts from the material you have been learning your self-study. They aim to reinforce these learnings, correct mistakes and get you to use the words in conversation. This is a really efficient use of time: You have already learnt the phrases and words, so you can use your 25 minutes to talk and use the language. 

“I have taken tutor sessions at almost all units I have studied, and they were great for me. I would like to thank all the tutor coaches I have talked to. If I had unlimited number of sessions I would take them every day 🙂 They make me happy” 

More efficient and better value than the classroom

Going to evening classes to learn a language is a time and money commitment not everyone can afford. By comparison the 25 minute weekly commitment to Rosetta Stone Premium is easy and you can take part from anywhere with an internet connection. Ideal – for example – if you are travelling for work. 

Language Tutors

There are of course advantages to a classroom environment, but you are very dependent on the quality of your teacher and the abilities of the students you learn with. It’s all too easy to find yourself in the ‘wrong’ class with people who are too fast or slow for you. 

Self-study with online software and you learn at your own pace. Combine this with a focused 25 minutes cementing those learnings and you have a very efficient way to learn at prices way below most offline providers. 

What our learners say about studying with Rosetta Stone Tutors

“I have really enjoyed learning Spanish with Rosetta Stone. The lessons have been easy to fit into my busy lifestyle and doing the on-line tutorials with other students and Simy our lovely tutor have really helped bring the whole experience to life. A fantastic way of immersing yourself in the language – a great way to learn.” 

“Studio Sessions with Rosetta Stone are really helpful. Tutors are supportive and understanding. It is a great way to learn a new language and talking directly with a native speaker of the language is an added bonus.” 

Get weekly tutor sessions with Premium Membership

“Words cannot express how much I have enjoyed my Rosetta Stone experience. My tutors are fantastic. They feel like old friends now that gently push me onto the next level. The lessons were daunting and nerve wracking at first, but now I can’t wait to book them. I tell anyone and everyone to try learning a language with you! Your method feels like it wont work (the times I’ve thought, ” whaaaat?”) and then I go into the lesson and can speak it with some confidence and light bulbs go off!!”

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