Netflix Star on Portuguese; Episode 2


Netflix star Benjamin Papac has been learning Portuguese with Rosetta Stone. In this second update he talks us through what he has learnt in Unit 2 of the course as well as expressing his clear desire to learn how to talk about food!

Greetings and Introductions

Unit 2 covers the basic greetings and introductions you need to start your first conversations. So Ben got to grips with the words needed to describe the people around him: meu pai, minha irmã e minha mãe, and introduce you to meus amigos.

The weird thing I noticed about possessives in Portuguese is the conjugation of meu/minha. Turns out, you conjugate the Portuguese word for “my,” based on the object to which you’re referring!

Thanks for tuning in, but I need to go back to minha cozinha, porque eu estou cozinhando.

In this clip, he starts off looking at ‘Stories’, Rosetta Stone’s feature that helps you to perfect your reading aloud skills. – He seems to have been making good progress, and shows off with one of the stories about Cats.

Stories are guided reading exercises that read aloud to you, highlighting the words as you speak them, and then correct you as you read the stories back.

Over Possessive

Discover how Ben gets frustrated with the possessive form in Portuguese. Turns out, you conjugate the Portuguese word for “my,” based on the object to which you’re referring.  Whether you use the female or male version of the word (meu/minha) depends on the thing being owned. – Still confused? – then see it in Ben’s own words in the video above.

If you want to make like Ben and get multilingual, try out Rosetta Stone’s unique approach for yourself today.

Try it for yourself!

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