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French mavericks, Audrey, Seb, Eleanor and Timothy have been on the road together in a caravan since 2016! This year the family added learning a new language to their list of adventures as they started Spanish with Rosetta Stone! If your French is up to it, you can follow their adventures in the video above. (there’s a summary below if you get lost)

Family Coste are big in France and thousands have been inspired to get more adventurous with their holiday and language planning. Will you be next?

Learning the Language on the go

For most of 2019, the Coste family has been travelling round North and South America, all the time trying to improve their Spanish together. While they have a pretty tech-heavy caravan you can’t guarantee good internet everywhere, so being able to download lessons in advance was particularly helpful. They also enjoyed the unique immersive method: 

“The App is very easy to use. It’s different from learning a language at school, and the speech recognition allows you to practice getting it right at your leisure.”

“It’s really intuitive and most importantly it’s very different that how they taught us languages at school. For example, here we see pictures we get talk to, we have to repeat when it’s not correct. There is something that recognizes our tone of voice.”

Travel plans inspire Language Learning

Audrey: “Having decided to go to South America we quickly realised that we were going to need to learn some Spanish as there is not a lot of English spoken in this part of the world. We were a bit panicked at the prospect. While I have some Spanish, it is fairly basic.”

Language Learning makes Travel fun

“I knew of Rosetta Stone because I had a friend who had used the system ten years ago and she was perfectly fluent in English thanks to this method. So it seemed like a natural solution to get to grips with the language as we travelled.”

“It’s also a great  way to pass the time when we have long journeys to make in the camper.”

Rosetta Stone makes it easy and accessible

“It’s very intuitive with the images. You have to associate what you see, hear and write; not only just repeating the words but looking at them. I liked it a lot and we decided to continue with the app and set ourselves the goal of being fluent by the end of the year. We will keep you posted with our progress.” 

Let the language take you somewhere this year with our unique learning method

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